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Foreman gives Victoria the drugs while she sketches yet another picture of him. She asks if she has a tuberculoma. "Probably not," Foreman says. He's sorry he didn't believe her. Victoria says she's sorry for lying to them; she ODed on insulin for a place to sleep. I'm not sure if that's true or if she's just rubbing it in. Foreman asks if she was ever married, like the comic character. Victoria says that comics are made up. Foreman asks who James is, then. "He's real," she says. "Can I help you find him?" Foreman asks. And then Victoria starts having light-sensitivity issues and freaking out about how Mr. Fury wants to hurt her. Foreman takes her temperature. It's one hundred and five. Yikes. "I'm burning! I'm burning!" Victoria says. True. Foreman closes the blinds and pours her a glass of water, which she spits out, believing it to be poison. A nurse comes in and turns the light on, which just makes Victoria even more upset. It's kind of comical, actually. Foreman yells at the nurse to turn the lights back off, and tells Victoria to calm down because he'll protect her from any bad guys. Victoria says that Mr. Fury isn't the bad guy; she is. Great reading comprehension skills there, House.

Foreman reports that Victoria has cancer; the tuberculoma treatment isn't working and she's dying. "Good news!" Chase says, running in with the biopsy results; "it's a tuberculoma!" Whaaaaa?

Now everyone's in the office. House thinks. Sounding frustrated, Chase says that Victoria must have a tuberculoma AND something else that is causing her ridiculous fever. Wilson wonders if whoever did the biopsy nicked Victoria's bowel, and Foreman gets all huffy because he's the one who did the biopsy and no nicking occurred. Cameron wonders if the Prozac caused serotonin syndrome and the fever. I thought House was joking about giving her Prozac. Wilson says that Victoria was fine when she was taking the Prozac before, to which Foreman says she may never have taken it; the ER probably just gave her the Prozac so it would look like they did something before kicking her out as soon as possible. Wilson yells that Foreman wanted to do the same thing, and House tells them both to chill out. They'll run some tests on Victoria, take her off the Prozac, and throw her in an ice bath so that she can chill out, too.

Victoria does not want to go in the ice bath. Foreman says that's too bad, because this will save her life. She cries and begs him not to put her in there. Foreman tries to be supportive. Victoria screams as she is dumped in the ice bath, which is a rather unsophisticated metal tub. I think if I had a fever that high, I'd be thrilled with the ice bath. I don't have a fever but it's really hot in my apartment, and I'd love a good ice bath myself. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had fever hallucinations, though.

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