Holding On

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The Next to the Last House on the Left

A clock flips to 6:30 and an alarm goes off. No, it's not Groundhog Day. It's Wilson's bed. The music suggests that he's sad.

Wilson knocks on House's door and announces that he's not doing any more chemo. House claims to agree with this plan, because it will result in Wilson being dead in five months. Wilson explains that he'd rather have five good months than a year in pain in the hospital. House feebly argues that he could get two or three months. Wilson says he's sorry and walks away. House: "I'm not gonna let you just die!

Credits. Have we gone past the point of Medical Mystery of the Week?

House enters PPTH and Foreman greets him. He offers him season tickets to something that they could attend together, but House notices that the first date is a month after Wilson will be dead. He recognizes this as an attempt to distract him and promises that he probably won't fall apart.

House greets his team with a case: a 46-year-old oncologist who refuses treatment. But they've already got a case assigned to them by Foreman: a 19-year-old cheerleader with a nosebleed and dizziness. I should remind you at this point that Chase left at the end of the last episode. So the team is just Taub, Adams and Park. House does not care about the cheerleader, even though the team tries to distract him with diagnoses. House mostly wants to talk about how his best friend is killing himself. On his way into his office, he diagnoses the cheerleader as having a midline granuloma, which will show up on a scan.

The cheerleader's a guy. Did you assume it was a girl? Taub and Park look at the scans and briefly talk about whether they should be taking this case. Park thinks they should consider giving it to someone else and Taub thinks it's dumb to not work just because "somebody is dying." Then Taub thinks the microphone is on, but it's just because the patient's brain is all lit up in its auditory center. So he's hearing something.

House enters Wilson and accuses him of telling Foreman to try to set him up with those season tickets. Don't worry if that's complicated, because the important part is that House is pushing an IV stand loaded with chemicals and Wilson's speech is all slurred because House drugged him. House hooks up the chemo and settles in with a magazine. Taub barges in to ask Wilson something and then notices the nonconsensual drugging. Adams and Park are also there and House does nothing but validate their theories: it could be schizophrenia and they should go check out the guy's dorm room for toxins.

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