Holding On

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The Next to the Last House on the Left

Taub throws a file on Foreman's desk. It's a glowing letter of recommendation for Foreman to sign when House implodes. Foreman claims that House has been handling it fine, but just then water cascades under his office door.

Foreman has a scene with House. House admits that he flushed those season tickets down the toilet (thus overflowing the pipes), but he only did it because Foreman wants to replace Wilson. And that, to House, means that he wants to be the victim of pranks.

Wilson is drinking a beer in a diner when a woman walks in. It's Doctor Thirteen! I'm calling her that because it always seems disrespectful to just call her "Thirteen," but no one on the show ever calls her Hadley. So I decided "Doctor Thirteen" strikes a nice balance. Glad we got that sorted out! So like I was saying, Doctor Thirteen joins Wilson at the booth and he says that he ordered her some beers and then drank them. He would like to know what it's like to be dying. "Does it ever stop being surreal?" Sure, she says, when you die. He says that he had a patient start crying for him. He wonders why people don't say something that makes him feel better and she points out that there's no such thing. She suggests doing "two weeks on, two weeks off." Wilson says he can't envision spending his remaining time in a Chemo Suite in Princeton. I don't know why not; he spends most of his time there anyway.

House is on his cell and leaves a message on Wilson's parents' phone, asking them to call back. The rest of the team wants to talk about Derek, who's got some psychological issues. Adams thinks Grief Avoidance is a thing. Taub tries Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Adams suggests that Derek could have gotten hurt at practice and not told anyone, because he's clearly pretty good at not telling people things. They get to the bathroom, which House has sabotaged. Water is cascading everywhere, presumably because he flushed more tickets.

Park sticks a needle into Derek's back to investigate the spinal fluid. She makes small talk about what Derek hears. She thinks that he hears Christopher's voice to help him deal with it. And then she sees that the pressure in his spine is way too high.

House hangs out at the Chemo Suite. Doctor Thirteen walks up and announces that the Prodigal Daughter has returned. So she didn't just fly in to do an off-set scene with Wilson, then! He offers to off her, which is a fun phrase to say out loud. She says that House should respect Wilson's decision. He fired her so she'd be "forced" to spend the rest of her life doing whatever she wanted. She considers that selfless. "And you don't even like me that much."

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