Holding On

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The Next to the Last House on the Left

House opens the door to Wilson's office and pokes in his cane, on which he is waving a white rag. He enters and announces that he surrenders. He admits that he's been a disloyal jerk. Wilson says he won't let his parents return his call. House says he's made a reservation for two at Carmine's and promises that there are no ulterior motives. I think he looks sneaky in the final shot, but he kind of always looks like that.

Derek's mother enters his room. Adams says they think it might be an extreme migraine and he'll get an MRI soon. The mother sees the picture. Adams tells her that Derek may have been repressing grief for ten years. Derek says that he doesn't even know if Christopher was really like that. With no pictures or video to go on, he doesn't have reliable memories. He asks if his mother could maybe tell him a little bit about Christopher. "I'm sorry. It was a long drive in. I'm going to go get a coffee." Thanks, mom!

Wilson and House are having a lovely meal. Wilson is laughing and crying. House has ordered a platter of Oreos, which is apparently a reference to a camping mishap they once shared. Wilson acts his ass off in this scene and starts to hypothesize about "sticking around for a little longer." House admits that he thinks that's reasonable and drinks some coffee. Wilson looks around and decides that House must have been conning him. House objects to the idea that Wilson couldn't fold on his own without being conned. Wilson says that the whole nostalgia trip was a set-up. House says that he needs Wilson because he doesn't know what he'll do without him.

Wilson stands and this speech gets its own paragraph: "I don't owe you anything. Our entire relationship has been about you. My dying is about me."

Wilson cries in his car as House walks up. House tells him he doesn't want to die, which Wilson agrees with. But he fought it. Once. He says, "I have five months to live, and you're making me go through this ALONE?" He needs House to be there for him as a friend. He needs House to tell him that his life was worthwhile and he needs House to tell him that he loves him. House says, "No. I'm not gonna tell you that unless you fight." House gets out of the car and walks away.

Derek goes into the tube. The blood vessels are non-reactive, so it's not a migraine. He says he feels weird. When he's slid out, he calls Park "Dr. Adams." And then! Suddenly! The ceiling collapses because some jerk's been screwing with the plumbing! You thought it was going to be something to do with Derek, didn't you? Or at least Wilson? Nope! Apparently we need a prank subplot.

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