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The Next to the Last House on the Left

"I'm ready to start the next round of chemo?" "Why?" "Because you need me. And I don't think that's a bad thing anymore." "No. You're the only one I listen to." And when he stopped, he almost killed his patient. House says Wilson is smarter than him. He's not okay that there are only five months left, but it's better than nothing. House says he won't tell Wilson he loves him, which Wilson is pleased about. "You got any Oreos?"

Derek wakes up. His mother asks how he's feeling. The surgery worked, which he knows because Christopher is gone. She turns away and then brings his picture back over. She's also got a picture of Christopher's face, which is nice. In fact, she has an envelope of pictures, some of which also feature Derek and herself.

Wilson's office. Wilson shows House the peak of a mountain on his computer. House points out that he can't climb things all that well. Foreman enters and brings in Matt Johnson, the hospital lawyer. It's about the tickets that House flushed into the plumbing. They know they're his because they have his name on them. They also have fingerprints somehow, although I'm not sure how fingerprints are going to stick to shredded, waterlogged tickets. Foreman says that because the police and fire department got involved it's felony vandalism, so House has to go back to jail. He has to serve out the rest of his sentence.

And there are six months remaining on House's sentence. He looks around, particularly at Wilson.

Next week: a two-hour event! And I really think they could manage to get Stephen Fry in here for one lousy cameo, you know?

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