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The Perils of Multitasking

We open at a high school wrestling match. One kid, Seth, gets ready for his match in silence because, as we'll find out later, he's deaf. His girlfriend walks up and signs him some encouragement, and since when were girlfriends allowed to just walk up to their boyfriends during sporting events? Maybe she's the team manager or something. She spots Seth's mother in the audience, who opens her cardigan to reveal an embarrassing T-shirt that says Deaf Pride. "You're not deaf," Seth signs, apparently forgetting the signs for "Jesus Christ Mom YOU ARE EMBARASSING ME IN FRONT OF MY FRIENDS." With that, Seth's match begins. Seth seems to be doing well from what little I know about wrestling, with his coach signing him moves. Suddenly, there's a loud zapping sound and Seth holds his ear and screams. After a few more zaps, he falls to the ground holding his head.

House is lying in bed, but he can't be asleep, as CTB is calling out his name and she only exists in his hallucination. He exposits that she's just the result of him not being able to get enough REM sleep. CTB says that explains the hallucination, but not who the hallucination is of. House tries to play that off as a secret desire to sleep with Wilson, but CTB knows that this episode wasn't written by Doris Egan and suggests that perhaps Kumar's suicide has reminded House of his guilt over her death. Also, Kumar couldn't appear as the hallucination himself because he has that new job and all. House tries to get some sleep to make her go away, only to get called into work. CTB smirks that she'll be sticking around for a while. Hooray!

House walks into the meeting room, where either I am having vision problems or everything is supposed to look really bright and glow-y. What's up with that? Are they all in heaven now? Heaven is distracting. And the light is making one side of House's face appear almost translucent while Foreman has changed races. Hadley gives House the case, and apparently the zapping sounds Seth heard in his head are called Exploding Head Syndrome. That's one syndrome that sounds worse than it actually is. And I know that without knowing anything about it because there's nothing worse than an exploding head. Taub says Seth went deaf at age four after a bout of meningitis. CTB appears by the Whiteboard, wondering why Seth never got a cochlear implant. She attempts to write the symptoms down, only to realize that hallucinations can't use the Whiteboard, not even when they're holding a hallucination marker. House tries to ignore her and asks where Seth's father is. Foreman says he was a sperm donor with clean medical records, so that's out of the way easily enough. House guesses a temporal lobe seizure. "Wrong!" CTB says. Hadley agrees with the non-existent person in the room, saying someone would have noticed Seth was having a seizure since he was in front of a large audience and seizures are kind of hard to miss. House decides they aren't and orders the Cottages to take Seth down to a place called The Seizure Lab, and PPTH is just full of silly, one-use gigantic rooms, isn't it? They go, but CTB stays behind to scold House for essentially ignoring his own subconscious. "Gonna be the limp leading the blind," she warns. Meanwhile, someone really needs to close the shades in the meeting room. It's so bright that I can't see half of House's face.

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