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The Perils of Multitasking

The original Cottages de-elevator. Foreman exposits that Seth is improving with the interferon, which isn't really good news at all since it means he has MS at the age of 14. Two officers appear and say they're from the Department of Immigration and when he applied for a marriage license, they noticed that his work permit expired. If I didn't totally know that this was part of House's plan to kidnap Chase, I'd say that's probably the reason why Chase wanted to get married so soon. The officers start to take Chase with them, and Cameron steps forward, offering to come as well. The officer says real citizens are not allowed. PPTH security stands by and watches one of their doctors get kidnapped. As soon as Chase is out the door, Cameron turns to Foreman and tells him to make sure Chase behaves at the bachelor party she knows he's headed to.

Flaming Sambuca time! House, dressed in a velvet suit jacket and tie, lights a pyramid of shot glasses on CGI fire. At the top of the pyramid is a snifter on its side, which looks very pretty with the blue fire inside of it. Taub and the strippers who dwarf him applaud appreciatively. Those strippers are so tall, in fact, that I'm not sure they're actually women. Foreman and a rather conservatively dressed Hadley watch as House pours the flaming snifter out into a glass. Chase extinguishes the fire with his hand and drinks. House lays down the ground rules, but no one is paying any attention to that because we're watching as Wilson walks in from a long day of work to find a bachelor party in his apartment, which is hilarious. He asks House where his furniture is (by the way, it's not his apartment or his furniture -- it belonged to CTB and he totally stole it from her after she died. And I'm sure she approves of this party anyway), only to hear a familiar voice call out his name. "Karamel?" he asks. Wow. She must have been good. And still looking great nine years later! She gives Wilson a big hug and they discover that he's divorced and her cat is dead. Nine years is a long time. Wilson decides he and Karamel have some catching up to do.

Later on, Chase samples some alcohol ice cream from a stripper's finger while Taub dances awkwardly with the tall strippers. Chase dances with some strippers of his own. Wilson licks his way up Karamel's belly to drink a shot from the glass in between her breasts. Then he takes a slice of lime from out of her mouth. He is so drunk. And so goofy. And when he's done, Hadley decides it's her turn with Karamel. "You're okay with this?" Wilson asks Foreman. "I paid fifty bucks for this!" Foreman says. Duh, Wilson. He says they make a great couple while Hadley sucks the lime out of Karamel's mouth. Wilson turns and goes outside for some air and we see that he isn't wearing any pants. Heh heh heh heh.

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