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The Perils of Multitasking

Back with Seth, his mother says she wants to put the implant back in. Seth signs that he thought that was his decision. Mom says it was until he decided he'd rather rip it out of his head than live with it for a few days. That would tell me not to put the implant back in, but Mom says that this is her call to make. And since the girlfriend hasn't come back from the bathroom in like three days, there's no one left to convince him otherwise.

The next morning, House wakes up to find himself feeling refreshed and no CTB in sight. He washes his face and allows himself to smile in relief that there's no CTB in the mirror staring back at him. But that's only because she's standing behind him, and when he turns around, she's right there to smile and ask if he slept well. Hooray!

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