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The Perils of Multitasking

The blinds in Wilson's office are drawn, but the brightness is still there. Great. I know I complained that it was too dark a few weeks back, but this is ridiculous. Bring back Deran Serafian! He might have shot up people's noses, but at least he lit them properly. House walks in on Wilson and Cameron bent over a folder and demands a prescription for sleeping pills that Wilson is only too happy to provide. In fact, as CTB notices, he's a little bit too happy. And too quick to close the folder he and Cameron were looking at as soon as House entered the room. But first, House must exposit that Cameron and Chase are getting married in two weeks. WHAT? Wasn't it just last week that Cameron was all about not getting engaged at all because she was afraid of commitment or whatever? And now she's getting married in two weeks? Is Chase dying of a terminal disease or something? Cameron just says it's a "small ceremony" so "why wait?" Um ... to plan it? To make it a little bit special? Even my parents waited two months for their wedding. Of course, they eloped first, but still. I guess they didn't have the season finale dictating their schedule for them, though. Wilson hands over the prescription, and House asks what's in the folder. Cameron quickly says it's a possible prostate cancer case in the ER, but CTB ain't buying it. She quickly advises House to knock over Wilson's pencil cup with his cane. He does, and when Cameron gets up to pick it up for him, House uses her eagerness to please against her and grabs the now-unguarded folder. Inside, he finds pamphlets for a generic cigar bar and a billiard room. Cameron sighs and explains that Wilson is planning Chase's bachelor party since his best man isn't arriving until the day before the wedding. Probably from Australia, and probably on a plane that cost him an arm and a leg to get a ticket on thanks to the short notice. While Cameron's scrubs positively radiate in the light, House says that Wilson will not plan a proper bachelor party. House, however, will. "Nononono!" Cameron says, rightfully dreading whatever House has cooked up. But it's no good. House is determined to plan this party, and CTB is eager to help.

Hadley and Foreman sit in the Seizure Room booth, which looks an awful lot like the booth of every other silly room PPTH has. Foreman comments that House didn't have any mocking to do over Seth's refusal to put in a cochlear implant. Hadley doesn't think there's anything to mock; Seth is happy being deaf and comfortable with his disability. Didn't he go deaf at the age of four? And they're trying to tell me that as soon as he went deaf, he was like, "oh, this is just fine. I don't miss hearing at all!" and was allowed to make a decision like that? Foreman points out that being deaf is a disability, not an identity. Hadley says it's kind of both, since deaf people have their own culture and their own language. A culture and language that Seth couldn't have known anything or cared about when he made the choice not to get the implant in the first place, right? I don't get it. Anyway, the lights are flashing in Seth's face and he's not seizing, but what Foreman and Hadley fail to notice is that something else is happening. Mom reports that Seth is now blind in his right eye. He's ¾ of the way to being Helen Keller!

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