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The Perils of Multitasking

When House hears the news, he remembers what CTB said about the limp leading the blind, which makes a lot more sense now that his patient has gone half-blind. He mutters it and Hadley asks what's up, but his response makes no sense and that's kind of par for the course for him so Foreman moves onto listing off Seth's current symptoms. Taub has a diagnosis, and House tells them to do whatever they want with Seth while he grabs his bottle of prescription sleep aids and takes off for an empty exam room.

Instead of going to sleep, he has a chat with CTB, asking her how she knew Seth would go blind before he did. CTB says she noticed Seth's C-reactive protein levels were slightly elevated, so a round in The Seizure Lab would probably make the inflammation worse, thus causing the blindness. By the way, the exam room has no windows, but it's still bright as hell in there. I'm beginning to wonder if this is leading up to a storyline about PPTH being built over an old toxic waste dumping site. House realizes that his subconscious is capable of remembering things that he couldn't access -- until the hallucination of it started talking to him. "Cool. An all-access pass to my own brain," he says, severely underestimating what that brain has to say and do. CTB recommends playing some music for Seth.

While Foreman sets up to do an angio to test Taub's earlier diagnosis of some kind of vascular malformation in Seth's arm that won't be right anyway, House walks in with a huge boombox from, like, 1984 blasting some Public Enemy. Also, he has sunglasses from around the same time. Apparently the Fox prop closet is also one of PPTH's silly rooms. He manages to perform a little dance despite his supposedly sore leg before resting the boombox on Seth's chest and telling him to feel the vibrations with his hands. He gets in a dig at the fact that his mother isn't insisting on a cochlear implant, and she calls him an ass and starts to turn the music off, but Seth stops her and signs that he can feel the vibrations in his chest, but not his hands. That means neuropathy, which is serious enough for House to remove his glasses, if not the boombox on Seth's chest. With that, he tosses the prescription pills, telling CTB that the case just got too interesting for sleep. Why not take them later, then? Don't just throw them away!

After the break, Seth's girlfriend is visiting and the two are signing away while House bangs his cane on the glass wall. They don't hear it, of course. House compares this to a zoo except for the fact that you're allowed to bang on the glass, and I hope the writers of this episode are looking forward to an onslaught of angry letters from deaf people. Foreman asks House how he knew about the neuropathy. House doesn't know himself, so he can't answer. He walks past CTB holding three bowling pins. "Think wrestling record!" she says. "Juggling," House mutters. The Cottages are puzzled. He gets the right answer -- pins. Three pins, because Seth was pinned in his last three matches. Which makes him 0-4 after that opening credits match, right? Apparently, Seth was a good wrestler before that, with 15 pins in 15 matches. Yeah, that's pretty good. Like, All-State good. House figured the losses were caused by balance problems from the diminished sensation of neuropathy. Foreman guesses increased ICP as the cause, and I love it when they talk about intracranial pressure because calling it ICP lets me make jokes about the other ICP, Insane Clown Posse. Foreman gives a brain tumor as the cause of the Insane Clown Posse, which House rejects since there was no tumor on the head CT. Apparently those invisible microtumors he's always talking about don't apply here. Hadley has another diagnosis, but House sticks with Foreman's because CTB tells him to. She also tells him that if it's NF2 cancer, then the deafness could be another symptom that they missed ten years ago because they assumed it was from the meningitis. And Seth's had that cancer for ten years but it only started getting worse now? Doubtful. Taub goes off to talk to Seth about his possible cancer while House has a special assignment for Hadley and Foreman.

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