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The Perils of Multitasking

Cut to Hadley and Foreman in a strip club equally admiring a dancing woman. Apparently, they're allowed to leave work to check out possible strippers for Chase's party. It's also possible that a strip club is in one of PPTH's silly rooms. They wonder why House would care so much about Chase's party briefly before Hadley sticks some of Foreman's money in the stripper's ridiculously chaste underwear, like, use your own money, Hadley. Foreman wonders if House is doing this to ruin Chase and Cameron's marriage because he can't stand to see other people happy, but Hadley points out that if Chase is going to cheat on Cameron with a stripper at his bachelor party, then he shouldn't be getting married in the first place. Fair point. With that, one stripper slides down the pole while holding onto it with just her thigh. Foreman and Hadley are suitably impressed. So much so that they don't seem at all disappointed that no strippers are actually getting naked and all of them are wearing granny panties because this show is on during the family hour.

Taub explains NF2 cancer to Seth while his mother signs it out for him. The bad news is, it's cancer. The good news is that taking the tumor out means that Seth will be able to hear again. Seth frowns and signs something to his mother that causes his girlfriend to stare at him in disbelief. Mom explains that Seth wants to treat the cancer without losing his deafness. Seth and his girlfriend finally get subtitles as the girlfriend signs "it'll be okay" and Seth signs that he'll have to change schools and won't be able to see her anymore. The deaf school would really kick a kid out just because he got undeaf? That seems kind of unfair. The girlfriend points out that if Seth dies from cancer, he won't be seeing anyone at all. Seth isn't pleased, making him more upset about the fact that he might not be deaf than his mother is about her son possibly having cancer. What a weird family.

Taub shows the films to House and CTB. There is some Insane Clown Posse, but no masses. House sees a bowing in the wall of the fourth ventricle (apparently brains, like hearts, have ventricles) as Foreman and Hadley return with some pictures of their own, from the strip club. I've never been inside a strip club, but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to take pictures there. Hadley tries for an invite to the party, but CTB says no and House goes with her. Then she says that if she gets drunk enough, she could make out with a stripper or strip herself. House revises his no-skirts policy to allow her to go, and Foreman gives Hadley a wink, so either he's into this or they've got something planned. I'm just annoyed because it means that Hadley has somehow managed to shoehorn herself into yet another scene where she doesn't belong. Meanwhile, Taub keeps trying to focus on the actual case. House sees a picture of a stripper and he and CTB say "oh, god, not her" in unison, which leads to a joke about Bernie Madoff that was probably timely when this episode was written. With that, Foreman agrees with Taub that they shouldn't do the brain biopsy without evidence of cancer and House orders them to do it anyway. They don't think the mother will agree to a risky procedure on her son's brain on just House's hunch, but CTB remembers that Seth broke his nose a few years ago and they can use the MRIs taken back then to look for cancer. I'm not sure how older MRIs would show a tumor that newer ones do not, but okay.

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