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The Perils of Multitasking

House enters the meeting room, where the Cottages want to know why he gave Seth the implant. House says he was just doing God's work, and everyone rolls their eyes and gets back to work, figuring that if House is comparing himself to God, then he must be fine. Taub reports that Seth now has a fever, which Hadley thinks is probably just a result of his operation, because why add new symptoms when we can simply discount them outright? The Cottages shoot around diagnoses, but House is too busy paying attention to CTB to listen to them. CTB is trying to remember the name of Wilson's stripper. Something sweet, she thinks. Candy is a good suggestion. Lolly sucks, because no one is named that. Then she suggests Taffy, which is just ridiculous. What's next, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? Lame, House's subconscious. In the middle of all of that, CTB agrees with Hadley and Taub's diagnosis that Seth caught the Epstein-Barr virus from his girlfriend, who was sick a few months back. That lead to viral meningitis and thus the Insane Clown Posse. So they're saying that Seth has managed to get meningitis twice in his short life? Come on. But since CTB likes it, House does too. Foreman orders them to treat Seth for Epstein-Barr because he likes to pretend he's in charge now.

House reports to Wilson's office to find out why Wilson isn't getting all on his case for giving Seth that cochlear implant. "It was nice," Wilson non-explains, which only makes House more confused. House doesn't think he was nice, since he claims he was only trying to prove to Seth that he was an idiot for refusing the implant for this long, but Wilson thinks that since House did it to make Seth's life better, it's nice. He does acknowledge that the way House went about this caring act was illegal and immoral, so there is that. And then he says House can't make him go to the bachelor party, even though House didn't say anything about the party in the first place. Does Wilson want House to force him to go or something? House doesn't seem to care and starts to leave, which seems to bother Wilson. See you at the party, Wilson.

Seth signs that he wants the implant out ASAP. Mom signs back that it has to stay in until he gets better. Exasperated, Mom stops signing and starts talking to her son. Or maybe her fingers are cramping up. Either way, it's the first time Seth has heard his first name. Except that he lost his hearing when he was four, so you're trying to tell me he can't remember back that far? He asks her to say it again. She does. They hug. Taub walks in just in time for Seth to wet the bed. And when Seth wets the bed, he does it hard. Pools of pee flood the floor.

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