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The Perils of Multitasking

As the Cottages return to the meeting room, House reports that Seth's incredible peeing rules out their latest diagnosis while putting out a few pints of ice cream for them to sample for the bachelor party. They start eating without questioning it until Taub, in the middle of diagnosing Seth with sarcoidosis, realizes that his ice cream flavor is vodka. Yes, House knows a place where you can buy alcohol ice cream. Upon hearing this, Hadley goes for samples of everything while House puts his Vidocin in a spoonful of limoncello. Has too much time passed for me to make a joke about Danny DeVito here? While the Cottages eat way too much alcohol ice cream and diagnose, with Foreman ruling out Taub's sarcoidosis diagnosis immediately, CTB appears to remind House of a time in med school when he saw a guy who peed liters during grand rounds. Hadley passes the scotch ice cream to Foreman, and then they all go black and white and muffled while House and CTB stay in color. CTB tells House that the peeing happened at night with BP changes and when the body was in a recumbent position. House figures out there's a heart problem, allowing the Cottages to go back into color again so House can order them to run a test on Seth's heart and hope their breath doesn't smell like alcohol, or else Cuddy will get another scene.

House retires to his office and asks CTB why everything faded away like that. She says he must be getting better at focusing on her. Or worse at focusing on reality. With that, an angry Chase arrives, and CTB warns House he might get a punch in the face. From Chase? Please. Chase says Cameron isn't going to like House's party plans, and since he's spending the rest of his life with her, he wants to do what will make her happy. But since Chase really does want a bachelor party after all, he tells House to kidnap him so that he'll get the party he wants and not get blamed for being there. House loves this plan so much that he gives Chase a pint of alcohol ice cream. As soon as he's out of the way, CTB remembers the stripper's name -- Caramel. Better than Lolly and Taffy, I guess. "With a K," House says. Sorry, make that Karamel.

Guess who's jealous of Seth's implant? That's right -- it's the girlfriend. Seth signs that implants are unnecessary, but the girlfriend says implants are great, and this will open up a whole new world for Seth. Are we sure this girl is fourteen? How ridiculously mature of her. Seth says he liked his old world just fine. Girlfriend thinks for a second, then says she'll be back in a minute. She turns and asks Hadley where the bathroom is, actually speaking "bathroom." Hadley gives her directions, and maybe this is some kind of lesson in how Seth can do some things, like, hear, that his girlfriend can't, while she can do things that he can't, like put her pee in a toilet instead of on the floor? Seth speaks out loud to Hadley, although I can't tell you what he actually says. His girlfriend is better at speaking than he is. Hadley understands him, though, and says "it takes time."

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