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The Perils of Multitasking

House guzzles what appears to be his fifth can of K-Blast energy drink. Taub is concerned about House's lack of sleep, to which House responds with a giant burp. Obviously, he's doing his best to stay awake to keep his subconscious super-diagnoser around even though she hasn't done much good so far. Foreman says the test results are back and Seth's heart is fine. CTB says no way, so House says that while Seth's heart was fine during the test, that doesn't mean it's fine all the time. Foreman loses his patience, and Hadley and Taub quickly come up with non-heart diagnoses. CTB suggests sticking Seth on a treadmill and House forwards that along to Foreman, who doesn't think it's a good idea to give a patient who just had brain surgery a stress test. And since he's sort of in charge, he won't let House do it. He tells Hadley and Taub to test their latest theory that will be wrong instead.

House asks CTB how to give Seth a stress test without Foreman's consent. CTB suggests killing Foreman, then gets distracted by a hot blonde hospital employee. House orders his subconscious to focus on the task at hand, and they try to figure out a way to stress Seth's heart without a treadmill. CTB wants to tell Seth his girlfriend dumped him, then suggests killing the girlfriend. What's up with House's subconscious wanting to kill all the black people? Then she comes up with giving Seth asthma medicine that will cause his heart to beat faster and therefore expose the arrhythmia they don't even know he has.

Just when House is about to give his patient heart trouble, there's a commotion coming from Seth's room. He's yelling, monitors are beeping, and various medical personnel are running in. Hadley explains that Seth just ripped out his implant like a moron. CTB turns lemons into lemonade, looking up at the monitors that have exposed Seth's arrhythmia.

After the break, Foreman admits that House was right about the heart. Hadley starts diagnosing blood-related diseases while Taub thinks it's a pulmonary embolism. House doesn't say anything, as he's obviously waiting for CTB to appear and tell him what to do. Instead, she lights a lighter and waves it in the air like she's in a concert before people used to use cell phones instead, which is really lame by the way. House can't figure out what she means and everyone is staring at him, so he orders them off to scan Seth's lungs.

Down in the morgue, House is pouring off a row of shots, just like CTB said he did at Wilson's party. Why is Wilson's party the example House is always using? Can't he do something new and different? Oh, I guess the shots were grain alcohol at Wilson's party while House is going for Flaming Sambucas for Chase. Such variety. Anyway, he lights a bottle on CGI fire and tosses it around before lighting a shot glass and raising it for a toast. Except a flaming shot glass is really hot, so House burns his hand and drops the glass, which sets the morgue on fire. But it's only blue CGI fire, so I'm not too worried. I'm pretty sure it doesn't leave burn marks on corpses. While House tries to put the CGI fire out, CTB does the work for him, noting that Seth got worse every time his body temperature rose -- while wrestling, under the lights of the Seizure Lab, when he got a fever, etc. House puts the fire out and gives Foreman a call to tell him that Seth has Uthoff phenomenon, which is a sign of MS. They'll put Seth on interferon while House puts a note in the corpse's file that those burns were there all along. Then it's time for everyone to get his party on.

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