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Huge Ego, Sorry

After the break, Cameron tends to Foreman's finger, which is broken. But he's got it bandaged up. He shouldn't. He should leave it loose to flop around and hurt all the time for the twenty hours Lupe has left. Cameron tries to make Foreman feel better by saying that her steroid idea didn't help Lupe either, but Foreman says he's the one who obliterated her immune system. "One of us could go home with you -- " Cameron offers, and I can't believe she's going for Foreman already! Damn, woman! At least wait until next season! Foreman tells her not to make him feel better; he deserves to feel like crap for killing a woman. Cameron points out that it won't help Lupe. No, but it might make her feel a little better to know that her murderer feels a little bad about it. And then Foreman notices that House is missing.

Foreman finds House preparing to grab some of Lupe's infected tissue so he can know what infection killed her. It'll hurt Lupe and it won't do anything to save her life, but House needs his answers. Foreman says House will have to "wait." Until, I'm guessing, the autopsy. Not a long wait, though. Be patient, House. He snaps at Foreman, but then backs down. Foreman tells a nurse that he wants to move Lupe back to her room. She doesn't need to be in the ICU now that she's dying. At least in her own room, Foreman says, she'll have privacy. Except she won't, because it's probably lined with windows. The ICU nurse gets pissy, but since she isn't Evil Nurse Brenda, I don't care.

Foreman drops by to see Lupe. She's not thrilled to see him. She says that if he's here for her forgiveness, he's not going to get it. "This isn't like you ran your cart into mine at the supermarket," she says. I'll bet it took her a while to think that one up. And I think it's productive of her to spend her last few hours on this earth thinking of things to say to Foreman to make him feel bad. In fact, I really wonder if I wouldn't try to kill him if I were her. There are no consequences, and at least I'd feel like I was saving future patients from dying unnecessarily at his obviously incapable hands. Foreman asks her what he should tell her grandparents if they don't make it there "in time." She doesn't have anything. Foreman asks if there are any friends he can call. She says her friends are the kind of friends who run away when you pass out in the middle of Three-Card Monte. Why must everyone on this show be so alone? New Jersey is the loneliest state in the union, I swear. She asks Foreman if it's a relief that she isn't leaving anyone behind. Come on, Foreman, it is. Admit it. But no, he just sits down. I'm still waiting for the last-minute life-saving operation. At the very least, a last-minute wedding between Lupe and Cameron.

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