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Huge Ego, Sorry

Wilson brings House some coffee. I'm kind of starting to think that there isn't going to be a last-minute life-saving operation.

Lupe can take some solace in the fact that she was right about Foreman; he didn't like her. That's a great thing to go to your grave knowing. Foreman says that he's made some bad decisions, too. He's stolen cars and robbed houses. Lupe wonders why she must spend the few minutes of life she has left listening to someone else's life story, and then she tells him to add killing her to his list. Yeah, Foreman pretty much set himself up for that one, didn't he? Foreman continues, saying that he turned his life around, but now he thinks that if he isn't the bestest smartest person in the room, everyone will know he doesn't belong there. He always worries about being sent back to where he came from. The last time he came home to visit, everything felt small and suffocated him. But when he was saying goodbye to his mother, she hugged him, and that's the last time he ever felt at home. "I only put distance between you and me because I know there isn't any," he says. Oh, well, that's a good excuse for KILLING HER. Lupe says Foreman was right about her, too: that stuff she said about the system not being meant for people like her is crap. She just couldn't try hard enough. She thought she had time to try later. And she still does, as House should be thinking of a last-minute life-saving operation any second now.

Later, she's still dying. Foreman's still there. She asks him if he'll ever leave. He says he won't. That's going to be a little weird for the next patient who has that room. He holds her hand, and she lets him, probably because she's too weak to stop him.

And then she dies. What the hell?!? No life-saving procedure?!? I don't get it.

Foreman calls House and says that Lupe is dead, and House can do whatever he wants to her.

House rolls out his pouch of people-cutting tools he always has on hand.

Chase offers to get drunk with Foreman. He's so sweet this season. He walks with Foreman for a while and says that his religious beliefs are kind of wonky, but he needs to believe there's someone out there. So when he talks, he imagines someone's listening. Even if he knows no one is, it makes him feel better.

House cuts into Lupe. She ... isn't waking up. I don't understand.

Wilson talks to her grandparents. Nice of them to finally show up and have the decency to look upset.

House looks in the microscope for his answers.

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