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Huge Ego, Sorry

I can't tell if Foreman is praying at his desk or not.

Wilson finds House in Lupe's room. She seems to still be dead. How can this be? How can House save fetuses with multiple organ failure and not some girl with an infection? House says he figured out the source of the infection: she scratched herself on her bra hook. WHAT?! FUCK! I wear a bra! Fuck! Nothing in this world is safe! House shows Wilson a tiny wound in the Lupe's back where the infection got in. It was a simple staph infection. "And some bad decisions," House adds.

House returns to his office. Foreman's there. Wilson decides to leave them to it. House tells Foreman to go home, drink, and come back tomorrow and do it again, "only better." Hey, it couldn't get much worse. Foreman says this wasn't a mistake or something they missed or a disease they couldn't cure: he killed her. House says that Foreman can look forward to doing this again. The kind of medicine they do means that while they save a lot of patients from crazy diseases no one else can catch, they're sort of screwed when it comes to common stuff that anyone can cure. Too bad Lupe didn't go to one of those common doctors. "There's nothing to forgive," House says. Logically, maybe. But not so much when you've actually met the human you killed.

Wilson and House head out. Wilson offers to take time out of his busy Cuddy-dating schedule to get dinner with House. House says he can't: "I have a dog waiting at home." Hector should be just perfect for a guy who seems to enjoy it when urine gets on his floor. I just hope he gets along with Steve McQueen.

And Foreman goes to his mother. She can tell he's upset. He says he did "something bad." "I hurt somebody," he says. He sure did! "It wasn't your fault," she says immediately. He says it was. In that case, she forgives him with a hug. That's great, but, it's not her thing to forgive. She says that she can see from his face that he'd never anyone on purpose. Foreman really wants to believe that and live in a world where your mom can make everything okay just by telling you it is. He gives himself a few seconds to do that, then has to ask if she knows who he is. I kind of want to stop the episode here and not see her inevitable answer. She says nothing, and he says, "It's Eric." "Of course," she says, hugging him...and then, horribly: "My little boy's name is Eric." Foreman's face crumples. The one time he actually wants to go home, he can't.

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