House Vs. God

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House Vs. God

Boyd has refused to have his brain surgery, and now House needs Wilson to talk to him, because House figures that Wilson is so good at telling people bad news that he'll be able to convince Boyd to do the "right" thing. Wilson agrees to help -- if House invites him to his poker game. Isn't it interesting how House has never used Wilson to convince his patients to stop refusing treatment all those times when it didn't help the plot along?

Wilson, followed by House, enters Boyd's room. Wilson introduces himself, and Boyd, carefully straddling the line between "serene" and "smug," says that he knew they would send someone else to him. "God has a big mouth," House mutters. Boyd tells Wilson that God put the tumors in his brain for a reason, so he's not getting rid of them. And yet, when God gave him stomach cramps, Boyd was all too happy to seek medical attention to make them go away, so I don't see how this is all that different, except that the stomach cramps hurt and were annoying and the brain tumors have earned Boyd money and acclaim from people all over the country. House is even more cynical than I am, standing in the corner and muttering that Boyd seems to think everyone else needs to have faith in God, while Boyd gets to have what he thinks is a direct line to him. He has a point, but Wilson doesn't think this is really the right place or time for it to be made, and tells House to hush. Dad pipes up to say that he agrees with Boyd and is happy to let God do whatever he needs to, even if that means that Boyd dies tomorrow. It's a good thing that Boyd believes in his heavenly father, because he sure doesn't have much in the way of an earthly one. Go cure your dad up a backbone, Boyd.

Wilson takes a completely different approach to the situation than House did, saying that if Boyd were really a saint God chose to speak to, he would have humility like a saint and would, therefore, not believe himself to be so special and would just have the surgery like any other person would.

And just like that, Wilson has convinced Boyd to have the surgery, and gets a coveted poker-game invitation.

House is spending an evening playing his piano when there's a knock at his door. Who else could it be but Wilson -- but it's not poker night yet, much to the dismay of all those Wilson/House shipper fans, who were probably hoping that House's poker game was just a ruse to lure Wilson to his apartment for a night of romance. In fact, it's Wilson who chose to come to House. In his hand are the images he took of Grace's cancerous liver, which Wilson is amazed to report isn't looking quite so cancerous anymore. The tumor shrank. "Don't tell my patient" is all House has to say. Well, he may have said more after that, but the commercial break cut him off.

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