House Vs. God

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House Vs. God

Uh...can someone tell me what the hell Beverly Crusher is doing stuck in a Microsoft commercial? Even Tasha Yar has more pride than that.

House is ordering the Cottages to figure out how Grace's tumor shrank in purely medical and not godly terms, when he sees Grace chatting with Boyd. Chase says that they couldn't exactly keep them apart the way House wanted them to, since Boyd and Grace are now friends. Cuddy walks through the scene to inform everyone that Boyd's father withdrew permission to do the surgery, and to look suitably impressed at the fact that Grace's tumor shrank. Thank you for your contribution, Cuddy. See you next week. Maybe.

House leaves Chase with orders to figure out what's happening to Grace. Even though Boyd is their patient, they can only help him by proving that Grace is still a goner. Well, that should be fun for all involved. Especially Grace.

God now has three points to House's two on the Whiteboard O'Judgment Day. The Cottages go over reasons Grace is getting better: maybe there was an error in her earlier liver-tumor images that made the tumor look bigger than it actually was, or the radiation treatments started working six months after they stopped doing them. Or maybe, Chase says, "remissions just happen." Foreman scoffs disgustedly. He doubts House will accept that as an answer.

So while Cameron and Foreman check Grace's files in the relative safety of PPTH, Chase gets to break into her home with a Geiger counter to look for any unknown sources of radiation that could have given her a surprise chemo treatment.

As for House, he's in the middle of his poker game, finally and at long last.

Wilson enters, just as House is taking down a big pot, ready to play poker in his stylin' McGill sweatshirt. Canadian Universities: for those who couldn't get into the choice American ones. Just kidding, Canucks, and any American who went to a Canadian school! I'm sure your colleges are very nice indeed and teach more than hockey. ["...I would defend the institution from which I earned my undergrad degree, but the truth is that I only went there because my dad was the registrar so it was free. Go Badgers!" -- Wing Chun] House introduces Wilson to his fellow players -- Dry Cleaner, Tax Accountant, and Guy From The Bus Stop -- creating immediate dissent in the ranks when the players note that Wilson gets to have a name and they don't. I can't even go into how incredibly awesome it is that House has a weekly poker night with random people like this. My only gripe is that Wilson gets to play in it and Cuddy doesn't. Wilson rolls up his sleeves and gets ready to play.

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