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Now he's back in bed. Instead of Nurse Dickinson, though, he has Cuddy tucking him in/guarding him. She smiles warmly at him, which is quite the change from the glare she was giving him in the last scene. She turns the light off and House rests his head on some pillows. Incidentally, he's resting the same side of his head that has the skull fracture, which can't feel great. But it's enough, and he falls asleep.

He dreams of that woman in the nice clothing, lying on the weird recliner in his living room. "Who are you? And why are you stalking me?" House asks. "Technically, you're stalking me," she says, fingering her necklace. House grabs the necklace, which has what appears to be a mosquito stuck in a yellow material. "Maybe just a fly," the woman says. "In the ointment," House says, figuring out that this means he's not done yet. He missed something. The woman grabs his hand and rubs it on her face, and House wonders if that's meaningful or if the dream is turning into something a lot more fun. Of course, she won't answer him except to ask him what he's going to do with the red ribbon that just appeared in his other hand. "I have to tie this around you," he says. He ties it around her leg, which isn't very sexy. "I'm cold," she says. That's not sexy, either. I guess this isn't a sex dream after all. "Stay with me," House says. Then he wonders why he would say that. And why there's suddenly blood all over the ribbon.

House wakes up. He walks into his living room, limping this time because it's not a dream. Cuddy's sleeping in the weird chair this time. "Go away," she says. But he says it's not over; "I saved the wrong person."

House gets dressed as he tells Cuddy that he was slightly wrong: Driver's air bubble didn't cause the crash; the crash caused the air bubble to go flying through his body and wreak havoc. That means there was no myoclonic jerk, so they're still looking for that mystery symptom. House classily zips up his fly in front of Cuddy, who won't let him leave. Like Wilson, she asks him what makes this case so important, and again he says he doesn't know. But if she makes him stay here he'll just pace around and elevate his BP and heart rate and get worse. What he wants to do is reenact the bus ride with all of its passengers -- all 31 of them -- to try to regain some contextual memories. Cuddy says she's not going to make all the passengers go back on the bus. House says he's got another idea.

And we cut to extras and cast members wearing photos of passenger faces around their necks. Hooray for the entire cast being in the same scene! That never happens on this show anymore. I just can't believe that there are thirty-one people willing to do a favor for House. Cuddy must have promised them, like, a week's free lunches at the PPTH cafeteria. Even Chase is there, and he always ducks out of these assignments. He's not thrilled about it, though, saying it won't be more effective than his awesome hypnosis skills. House shuts him up with some scientific terms about the areas of his brain that will somehow be stimulated by this exercise. Cameron asks how long they're supposed to do this before House is properly stimulated. Not too long, as it turns out; House gets a flashback to the woman whose picture is around Cameron's neck. It seems that he turned on the charm with her by blatantly staring at her breasts until she told him to stop. And she's apparently watched this show before, as she follows that up with, "And don't say 'or lack thereof.'" But the image slips away before House can ask for differential diagnoses on low self-esteem and small breasts. Frustrated, he downs some pills. But this pill bottle looks different than usual. And indeed, it is different; House has decided to take pills made for Alzheimer's patients, hoping they'll give him a "memory pick-me-up." They don't seem to work too well for people with Alzheimer's, but whatever. Wilson says these drugs will "blow out" House's heart. Uh oh! He's already taken way too many of them. How did he get them, anyway? Marco the Pharmacist needs to be fired.

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