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House makes his way outside to the Fox backlot, where he sees quite the scene: A huge crowd of emergency vehicles, emergency personnel rushing around, nosy onlookers, and helicopter noise overhead. They're all focused on a smoking, overturned bus. House looks legitimately worried here. I can't believe that strip club had a huge accident scene just outside its doors and everyone just went about business as usual, even when a confused and injured victim showed up for a lapdance! Do you think they gave him a discount? Worst strip club ever.

After the theme song, we're back focusing on House's eyes, and on what those eyes are presumably focusing on. PPTH's ER is full of crash victims. But all House can think about is the person he saw before the crash, who had a symptom and a face he can't remember. While Cameron stitches House up, Wilson tells him to stop worrying about the mystery symptom since it's more than likely his injured brain is just getting things confused and there is no symptom and no potential patient. Cameron starts the stitching process, and House whines and moves his head. Cameron unsympathetically threatens to sew his nose under his eye if he doesn't sit still. I'll bet she knows that can happen from experience. The Cottages show up, and House orders Taub to get medical histories from all of the crash victims. Except that he can't remember Taub's name, so now Wilson doubts his mental competency even more. House orders Biana to look for any other victims who may have been taken to other area hospitals, calling her "Lesbian" in the process. "He just forgot my name!" she says. In this case, though, he didn't. He just wanted to call her a lesbian. "I'm not a lesbian," she protests. "I was rounding up," he says. Poor Biana. No wonder she didn't want anyone to know about this. But at least if House is making fun of her sexuality he isn't making fun of her dead mother. Kumar gets the really fun task of tracking down House's cane and motorcycle. "Where'd you go last night?" he asks. Dumbass.

House gestures for Wilson to bring him a cane substitute, and Wilson fetches him one while asking House if he doesn't find it odd that there would be a symptom sighting at the same time as a bus accident. "What if it's not a coincidence?" House says. I don't think that was the point Wilson was trying to make. He wants House to consider that there is no symptom. But now House is just thinking that it was the symptom that caused the crash. He's on the lookout for the driver.

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