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Chase puts House back on the bus, and now we can see his fellow passengers. There's a hot girl smiling at House, which he likes. Then an "emo Guitar Hero wannabe" coughs and spits. And picks his nose. Chase asks House why he's focusing on this guy. House says the nose picking could be a sign of nasal pruritis. "He's dying," House says. And with that, he finds the emo guy in the ER. Emo guy won't be doing much nose picking with the sling his arm is in. "You a nose picker?" he asks, then demands to inspect the inside of the Emo's nose before the guy can answer. Unfortunately for House, Emo is being treated by Cuddy, who is kind of pissed at him for quarantining her ER with fake meningitis and will have no part in his shenanigans. House thwarts her by telling Emo that he has a brain tumor. "You're fine," Cuddy says. For whatever reason, Emo decides to believe House, the frantic man with a head wound, over Cuddy, the cool, calm, professional, uninjured doctor. She really doesn't get any respect, huh? House examines the inside of Emo's nose and is disappointed to report that it's nasal pruritis-free. Cuddy orders House to get some rest. I'm sure he'll go right ahead and do that. As it happens, he doesn't get a chance to undermine Cuddy, as Driver suddenly starts groaning from his wheelchair that he can't feel -- or move -- his legs. House reassures the guy that his legs aren't his biggest problem, which is that House doesn't know what that is -- yet. You have to feel sorry for Driver. Not only did his bus get in a terrible accident, but he's also lost control of his legs. And his only hope is a guy with a concussion who has no idea what's going on.

The Cottages report to the conference room for differential diagnosing. Instead of, like, apologizing to House for doubting his accident victim symptom theory, they continue to crap all over it, saying sudden onset paralysis isn't a specific enough symptom to make a diagnosis. House reminds them that there's another symptom, but he can't remember it yet. And, of course, none of their tests have come back with anything helpful. Biana at least tries to make a diagnosis: Guillain-Barré syndrome, which House rejects since it doesn't have any external symptoms, so therefore there's nothing for him to see and then forget about. Foreman points out that everything has some kind of external manifestation, no matter how small. I mean, just look at House almost diagnosing a brain tumor because a guy was picking his nose. And, Foreman continues, since House can see and identify just about anything, they can't rule anything out on that basis. So they're still screwed on the diagnosis, but at least someone is giving House respect.

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