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Taub is thoroughly annoyed with this exercise (honestly, I'm not sure how they even managed to get him in the conference room) and takes a sip of coffee. House has a flashback to someone on the bus drinking coffee and grabs Taub's mug. He sniffs it loudly, and then leaves the room. Biana has the nerve to ask him where he's off to, and he answers, "To smell a bus. Obviously." Taub and Biana are curious enough about this to follow him out, while Foreman decides to start Driver on antibiotics just in case they're looking at transverse myelitis. Biana and Taub dutifully follow House to the ER, where he whips out a cardboard box full of the passengers' clothing and starts smelling. Biana humors him by asking why he's doing this, and he answers that "smell is the most powerful evokuator of memory." As far my spell-check and I can tell, "evokuator" is not a word, but OK. Apparently, when House smelled Taub's coffee, it gave him the flashback to the smell of that passenger's coffee. He's hoping that by smelling the passengers' clothing, he'll get some more memories. I doubt this; a passenger would have to be pretty pungent to leave any kind of impression, and if that's the case, it's probably not a memory you want to bring back. Like when I get a whiff of BO and am transported back to that seven-hour plane ride from hell sitting behind a man who had some kind of problem using deodorant. He smelled as soon as he sat down, and things never improved. But I digress. Would those clothes really smell like they did before the accident? I would think they'd now have the fresh new odors of blood, smoke, and whatever bodily fluids the wearers may have expelled in a moment of panic. So I'm not sure what sense memories House is hoping to get, but I guess every little bit helps. And because of this, he's chowing down on the Vicodins. Biana expresses concern, saying House should rest as she hands him some more clothes because she knows telling House to rest is an exercise in futility so she might as well be of some real help. House says he's only smelling "exploded bus" so far, and pops a few more Vicodins. Taub has been keeping track of House's Vicodin count and reports that he's at four pills in forty seconds. I can't tell if he's concerned or jealous. House ignores Taub in favor of dumping the clothes on the counter and sticking his face in them.

He's back on the bus, although he's not sure if the smelling plan worked or if he's just stoned. He settles for both. Driver is there, and he disagrees, saying the fact that he's interacting with House means that this is not a memory, but a hallucination. Also, House isn't limping. House actually admits that he might have taken too much Vicodin, as if he ever thought there was such a thing. He's hoping it is too much Vicodin and not something worse. Driver says if it isn't all the Vicodins, then House's brain is bleeding, and recommends that House get a CT scan. But just then the passengers appear on the bus, including the beautiful woman from before, who says that House is using his hallucination to try to figure out the answer to his mystery. So he can't stop to get a CT scan. House would much rather talk to this woman, noting that she's wearing clothes that are way too nice and too expensive for her to be riding a bus. Only poor people who dress like hobos ride buses, I guess. The woman doesn't deny it; she just says there must be a reason why she's on this bus. Before House can get an answer, a hand clamps down on his shoulder. House whirls around to find himself back at PPTH with Wilson's hand on his shoulder. "I was talking to the passengers on the bus!" House exclaims. I love how frustrated he is here, like it's the most normal thing in the world to be hallucinating a conversation and why would anyone in the world have a problem with that? Wilson says hallucinations mean it's MRI (of DOOOM!) time.

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