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Now House is trapped in the MRI of DOOOM! Wilson reports several bleeding and swollen spots in House's brain, but he's more concerned with what House thought he'd said out loud about CTB during the hypnosis session. You know, Wilson just might be a crappy friend. Like, I'd be much more concerned about my friend's brain injury than what she might have thought about my boyfriend while under hypnosis. House thinks for a second, then truthfully answers that he wanted to see her naked. But Wilson doesn't believe him because he doesn't see why House would hide that fact from Wilson when it's a perfectly normal thing for House to want. Unless, Wilson reasons out, House's desire to see CTB naked goes deeper. House gets a guilty look on his face here, so we know something is up. "You have feelings for her," Wilson says. "This is bad." Ah, but he's not talking about House wanting CTB anymore; he's talking the fracture in House's skull he just found. Way to treat that head wound, Cameron. The guy had a freaking skull fracture and you didn't even bother to check.

Cuddy spells it out for us: "It's a longitudinal fracture of the temporal bone." "I banged my head," House says stupidly. There are all kind of images of the skull fracture on the wall and everyone's looking at them, so it's pointless to play this down now. House promises to rest as soon as he figures out what's wrong with Driver. Wilson doesn't understand what's so special about this one case, pointing out that House has plenty of files sitting on his desk full of patients with mysterious symptoms that he hasn't even touched. Yes, well, that's the point; if he had touched the file, he'd be involved and then he'd have to solve it. But he hasn't opened those cases, so he's not. He's already involved here, so he can't stop until it's done. "Why is this guy so special?" Wilson asks. "I don't know," House says. Cuddy thinks it's because House's brain injury has made him "not [him]self." Solving a medical mystery at all costs is not like House? Really, Cuddy? She tells House to go home and get some sleep, which is probably not a good idea when you have a concussion and brain bleeding. Cuddy's making a very poor showing today so far.

This may shock you, but House has no intention of following Cuddy's advice. Instead, he hangs out in the cafeteria, scribbling down symptoms and diagnoses on a pad of paper. He's momentarily interrupted by an incredible headache, then goes back to work. Dun dun dunnnn!

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