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House goes to Marina's room and gives her the good news that she's not cured yet. If they want her to outlive Castro (which, according to some rumors, she already has), they'll need to do another angiogram. Esteban points out that that's what caused her heart to stop in the first place. So...just don't let Marina get any more angiograms, and I'm sure she'll live a long, happy life. Marina annoys House by saying she's sure that God will help her out. He's already answered their prayers by bringing Marina back to life and saving them both from the ocean. House points out that this logic is flawed, what with all the prayers that go unanswered all the time, like boys praying for jetpacks and priests praying for...he trails off here, but I'm sure he was going to say jetpacks. Who doesn't pray for a jetpack? House says that they came a long way to see House; they can put Marina's life in God's hands or in his. Frankly, I'd put it in God's hands at this point.

House prepares to do the angiogram. Esteban watches from the OR balcony, and House warns him not to sneak any prayers to God up there. While Foreman and Cameron watch, House gets the catheter past the point where Marina's heart stopped last time and injects the dye. Everything looks good so far, and House says either he's right or bad things are about to happen for Marina. Again. And then they find...a congenital defect in Marina's heart. A third ostium. Apparently, you're only supposed to have two. If you have three, your heart will inflame and throw out clots after seemingly getting along perfectly fine for the first twenty-something years. House says Marina will be fine after surgery. "Thank God!" Marina says, and House threatens physical violence. Happy endings for everyone! Seriously, I'm surprised they didn't end the episode right here with everyone sharing a belly laugh and then a freeze frame with the executive producer's name on it.

Cameron shows up on Chase's doorstep. He's dressed in unemployed chic, complete with messy hair. He's surprised and happy to see her. She says it's Tuesday. He says it's Monday. Pssh! He can't be that unemployed if he still knows what day it is. "I didn't feel like waiting," she says. And they kiss. I must admit: it's sweet. Even if I do get the sense that Cameron only wants Chase now that he doesn't seem to want her.

Wilson finds House making a passive-aggressive peanut butter sandwich, which is all that break room seems to be good for. Foreman walks in with the last of his stuff. It's taken him weeks and weeks to move out of that office. He stops and looks at House expectantly. "This is it," he says, pointedly. When House doesn't respond, Foreman says he appreciates the opportunity House gave him. "I thought you were the best man for the job," House says, with a glance at Wilson, "which is why I want you to stay. You're an important part of the team. I need you." Well, there it is. We all knew it was going to happen, and it did. Foreman will decide to stay, House will rehire Chase, and everything will stay the same going into Season Four. Right? "I know. But I don't need you," Foreman says. Okay, maybe not. House says that he just solved an awesome case -- a case that Foreman gave up on. Okay, but House gave up on it too. He shut the machines off with no idea her heart would start again. In fact, we still don't know how it managed to do that after being stopped for a day, and we never will. Oh well! Foreman says House is just addicted to mysterious medical cases and cares more about them than the patients they affect. "I don't want to solve cases," Foreman says. "I want to save lives."

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