Human Error

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Sara M: C- | 1 USERS: A+
Everybody Leaves

House limps home and finds a big package waiting for him. At this point, I'm expecting a naked Cuddy wearing a bow to be inside, since why not at this point? People coming back to life for no reason, Cottages being fired/resigning...the world's gone crazy. But no, it's just a new guitar. House takes his old one off the wall and plays his new one, which apparently came perfectly tuned. The ladies, they swoon. And...that's it for Season Three. No last-minute Cottage rehiring or un-resigning. They're gone, and House seems to be perfectly happy. The only way this episode would pay off is if none of them came back next season, but since I very much doubt that will happen, it'll make all of this worthless when we see all three of them back in the fall. Then again, this show has surprised me before, so who knows? It was a clunker of an episode, especially for a season finale, but I have no idea what to expect next season, and I'm looking forward to finding out.

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