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Everybody Leaves

House celebrates his loss with a bad case of guitar face while he air-guitars on his flame cane, dancing around a lot more than his bad leg should allow. Hey, you know what isn't sexy? A man in his later forties pretending to play guitar on a cane with flames on it while making all manner of weird faces. I'm just saying. Fortunately, the session is quickly interrupted when Cameron and Foreman march into the office with shared angry expressions on their faces. They hold the PET scan results hostage, demanding that House tell them why he fired Chase. That's great news for Marina, whose treatment is now being delayed by office personal bullshit. Treatment that she wouldn't have gotten at all if the guy who just got fired didn't see the hotspot on her PET scan, by the way. Foreman asks whether House fired Chase to make him stay, which makes Cameron think that Foreman told House to fire Chase. Foreman immediately says no to this while House says yes, flashing Foreman a "ha ha, now she'll hate you and give you attitude and stuff" smile of victorious work-relationship sabotage.

Cuddy suddenly appears behind Foreman and Cameron, also wanting to know why Chase has been fired. She sends the non-fired Cottages out of the room, and they leave without telling House about the PET scan, much to his annoyance. Ha! Cuddy accuses House of destroying his department because he doesn't know how to deal with Foreman quitting. And then Wilson marches in, demanding to know what the dinner special in the cafeteria is. Just kidding! He wants to know why House fired Chase. Wow, word sure did spread fast. Did Chase run around PPTH putting up "I'm fired!" posters with a photo of him looking super-sad or something? House asks Wilson if he knows what's on Marina's PET scan. Even if Wilson wanted to answer that question, I doubt he could. We all know that Wilson, the worst oncologist in New Jersey, if not the world, can't read a PET scan. Cuddy orders House to call Chase and un-fire him. House just leaves a message telling Chase to call him back if he knows what's on the PET scan. Considering that Chase was the only one to notice anything on it, that's a good idea. House tells Cuddy that this is his office, and he makes the hiring and firing decisions. She counters that this is her hospital, so she has the ultimate authority. Then the phone rings. It's Chase. He tells House about the PET scan and the arm hotspot. House thanks him and says he's "indispensable." Still fired, though. We don't get to hear what Chase says to this on the other end of the phone, which is a pity. House hangs up and notes that that was awkward, and now that Marina has a blood clot in her arm, he'll be off doing his job.

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