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Foreman tells Esteban that Marina appears to have a blood clot in her arm, so they need his consent to do an emergency angiogram. Esteban is quickly losing faith in these pretenders with their incorrect MS diagnoses and arm-breakings, and he demands to see House, but Foreman says House is gone for the night. Esteban has no choice but to sign the consent. Foreman has an idea and decides to burn his PPTH bridges by giving Esteban House's home number. He says that House doesn't always pick up, so Esteban should just keep calling until he does.

House ignores Esteban's many answering machine messages and stares at his guitar.

Foreman tries to do a medical procedure while Cameron totally pouts and slumps against the wall like a child, refusing to assist him. You see, she's mad at Foreman for getting Chase fired, so Marina's health must suffer. Marina asks if everything is okay, sensing the tension in the room. Great patient care, PPTH. To make things even better, House suddenly enters the room, yelling at Foreman for giving an "angry Cuban" his home phone number. Cameron accuses Foreman of being worse than House, while Foreman scoffs at House coming into PPTH rather than picking up his phone and talking to the patient's husband for five minutes. Or just turning the ringer off, which would take five seconds. By the way, Marina's chest hurts. Then she goes into V-tach, and the monitor beeps out Morse code for "Way to go again, Foreman!" Cameron accuses Foreman of hitting an artery. Foreman says Marina has no pulse. And yet, she's still conscious, which has got to suck for her. House confirms that there's no pulse and tells Marina to cough over and over again in order to keep blood in her head and keep her awake while Foreman starts CPR. In between coughs, Marina asks if this will help. House says it won't, but it's "amazingly cool." That's the last thing she hears before passing out. I guess I'd rather go out doing something amazingly cool than something amazingly lame.

Cameron rushes over with an oxygen mask, saying they need to do a bypass on Marina. House says no -- a bypass could force the clot into Marina's brain, killing her. And that would not be amazingly cool. Cameron says if they don't do something to resume the blood flow to her brain, Marina will have brain damage. House thinks that the answer is to figure out what caused Marina's heart to stop in the first place. If they assume that Foreman didn't screw something up in the angiogram, then what did it? No one knows, so House leaves the room, telling the Cottages to keep the CPR going while he figures out what happened. That doesn't seem very medically sound, but I'm no doctor.

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