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The montage ends with Foreman entering House's office, looking perturbed. Apparently, he gave Mac a follow-up call and found out that House went behind Foreman's back and gave him the "white folks stuff." Foreman says that this is exactly why black people have shorter life spans, and I don't know if he's blaming black people like Mac for being overly suspicious to the point of choosing a less effective medicine, or white people like House for prescribing it because it's what the patient wants, despite not being the best medicine for the case. Foreman says he's calling Mac in to get him on the black-people drug, and House tells him that's not necessary. You see, House told Mac he was giving him the white stuff when he was actually giving him the black stuff, and Mac wasn't suspicious enough to check even though three seconds before that he was about not trusting white people. House thinks that will make Foreman happy, but it just makes him angrier. "He was right," Foreman says. House did exactly what Mac thought white people did: he figured Mac didn't need to know and couldn't understand the truth, so he just lied to make it easier for everyone. House says it was just a "white lie." "Good one, massah," Foreman says. Ouch. House says that he's fine with being a racist who helps black people live longer. Foreman says that "every slave master thought that they were doing the black man a favor," which I don't think is exactly true. I'm sure there were a couple of them who realized that this was about making them happy and rich by not having to pay for labor, and simply didn't care what the black people thought about it. In fact, that's probably the majority mentality. "Stop doing us favors," Foreman says. He'd rather that black people all ended up "back in the jungle with lousy blood-pressure medicine" than being lied to by white people. This argument would have worked a lot better if it hadn't smacked me over the head with a sign that said "IMPORTANT RACE DISCUSSION" on it so many times and also if we didn't already know that House's lying to patients about their treatment is more of an "I know better than you" thing than it is an "I know better than black people" thing. He does that kind of stuff to all races and creeds. There's nothing special about it here, and I really wish there were more to Foreman's character than his blackness. ["He's also an ex-criminal, but...well, that's probably not what you meant." -- Wing Chun]

We then spend way too much time watching Alfie's hand get removed. Ew. Chase is in the OR -- not wearing any gloves at all because PPTH doesn't give a flying fig about sterile environments -- and notices something on Alfie's other hand.

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