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Inside Alfredo's room, Chase administers some anti-clotting medicine for the DIC, and notices some small scars on Alfredo's good hand. Alfredo claims he got them from construction work, groans, and asks when he can leave the hospital and go back to his other job, as a janitor at a fast-food place. He explains that his mother, who's standing nearby, doesn't earn enough alone to support the family of him, herself, and Alfredo's younger brother, also standing nearby. Where's Dad? Well, you see, on this show, Hispanic people are either baby-making morons who won't have tumors removed because they like to look fat, or poverty-stricken, menial labor, non-English speaking members of broken homes. Therefore, Dad no está aqui. Younger bro volunteers to work for Alfredo, even though he's, like, ten years old. Alfredo says that his younger brother will work when he's done with college, and then orders him to shut up. Alfredo tries to get up to leave, and Chase pushes him back down to the bed, telling him that if he does have DIC, it's very serious. Then he notices that Alfredo's fingers are getting darker. He picks Alfredo's hand up for a closer examination, where he sees that the middle finger is starting to darken as well. "Where's Dr. Cuddy?" Alfredo asks.

Cuddy's in House's office, hearing the bad news, from Chase and Cameron, that Alfredo is getting worse, and that the medications they've been giving him aren't working. "Looks like a mild case of DIC," Cameron says brightly, and House immediately points out that it's not that mild if Alfredo's hand is about to fall off, followed by his arm and then whatever is connected to that. Plus, a mild case of DIC would respond to the medicine, wouldn't it? Cuddy wants to give Alfredo something stronger: human activated protein C. Chase and Cameron stare. House says that protein C is for "severe" cases of sepsis only, due to its being "crazy dangerous." It talks to itself as it causes internal bleeding and strokes. Cuddy says that it could also make Alfredo better. House points out that when he tries to pull stuff like this, Cuddy's face goes all scrunchy and she screams like a hyena, which is really sexy. Chase and Cameron continue to stare, their faces doing a perfect "...awkward." Cuddy orders them to give Alfredo the protein C(razy).

House and Wilson spend some more time together, and House complains that Cuddy's protein C(razy) decision is almost irresponsible in the risks it poses to the patient. "It's exactly the type of thing you would do," Wilson says.

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