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Stacy says the same thing to Cuddy as they walk into Cuddy's office, because Stacy isn't just a lawyer: she's Cuddy's Wilson. Except that she totally lacks the warmth and kindness of the real Wilson and therefore ends up seeming more like Cuddy's Sympathetic Robot Friend. Cuddy says that she doesn't feel right about overruling the best diagnostician in the whole wide world. "You care about this kid," Stacy says, "Your judgment --" and here I thought she was going to say something reasonable about how Cuddy's personal relationship with the patient is clouding her judgment so that maybe she should take herself off the case, but then she finished with "-- should be worth more than [House's]," which is pretty much the exact opposite of good advice. Cuddy says that House also mentioned that Cuddy hasn't been a real doctor in ten years. "Now that sounds like him," Stacy says, without adding the reassuring things Cuddy probably would have rather heard than another reminder of the fact that Stacy and House have a History Together. Man, Stacy's as bad at being a sympathetic ear as she is at giving advice.

House grabs another lollipop from a nearby jar full of them as he and Wilson discuss how House totally would have gone for the protein C thing if Cuddy hadn't mentioned it first, and they're both surprised that her concern over the patient is ruining her sense of humor. Wilson sarcastically says he can't imagine why that would be.

Foreman's on Clinic duty, and his patient is Mac from Night Court, hooray! Mac is responsible for what might be my brother's single favorite moment in television history that does not involve Bob Newhart, which was the episode when a news crew was doing a story on the night court gang, and the reporter said that the court clerk has the very latest in high-tech gadgets at his disposal to make the justice system run smoothly, and the camera turns to Mac concentrating hard in front of his computer. Then you hear the theme song from Super Mario Brothers play and Mac notices the camera on him while he's playing videogames and realizes he's busted. So funny. Mac tells Foreman he's been having breathing problems when he walks up the stairs, and Foreman says it's because his blood pressure is high. There's a new blood-pressure medicine out now that Foreman recommends, adding that it's "targeted to African-Americans," because it also treats the nitric oxide deficiencies that, according to studies, African-Americans are more likely to have. Mac doesn't like the sound of this special drug for black people at all: "I've had white people lying to me for sixty years." Foreman laughs and asks if Mac thinks Foreman just has a good tan. Mac says he thinks white people are lying to Foreman, too, citing the "cheap meningitis drug" that's been sold in Africa as evidence of medical racism. Foreman says that's greed, not racism. I don't see why it can't be both. ["Yeah! I saw The Constant Gardener! I know what time it is!" -- Wing Chun] Foreman tells Mac that the best way to stick it to Whitey is to live long enough to collect Social Security. He gives Mac the prescription.

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