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Hunting For Ratings

Chase knocks on an apartment door. There's music playing inside that can be heard out in the hall, which must be just great for our mystery person's neighbors. The door opens, and Chase tells the mystery girl he's glad she changed her mind about the drink. "Come on in," Cameron says, sporting some nice crazy lady hair and little else. She immediately throws Chase up against the wall and starts kissing him. Chase is confused, to say the least. He pulls away and asks Cameron if she's high. "Uh huh!" Cameron says. She managed to get her hands on some of Kalvin's supply after all, it seems. Those prophylaxis drugs make you a horny klepto druggie, apparently. Cameron really should have paid more attention when that guy was telling her about those side effects. She removes Chase's coat and gets to work on his shirt. He tells her to slow down, noting that her pupils are all dilated. "Don't turn into a good guy on me now!" Cameron slurs. And there goes Chase's shirt, and he and Cameron make out as Cameron's really crappy dance music from like 1994 plays. Way to totally assassinate Chase's character there, writers. Sure, Cameron initiated everything and invited Chase over and willingly took the drugs, probably with the intention of having sex with him, but if you're sober and you know your partner isn't and is acting very out-of-character, you really shouldn't take advantage of that. Cameron's an irresponsible twit, but Chase is a sleazy asshole. I liked him better when he was kissing children. Conversely, my like for Cameron increases.

The next morning, a very tired and haggard-looking Cameron, decked out in the all-black meth hangover uniform, replete with a black turtleneck and black beret, staggers into the elevator. But she won't be riding alone, as House sticks his cane in the door at the last minute and shoves it back open. He has also come to work with accessories, although his is a rat in a cage as opposed to mood clothes. "You're late and hung-over," House points out. He suspects that Cameron might not be sick from too much alcohol, though. "Why do you have a rat?" Cameron says, as if House hadn't just spoken. Awesome.

House and Cameron de-elevator and hear commotion coming from Kalvin's room. Dad of Kalvin is there, and the two are fighting. Kalvin's dad moves to exit the room, but House's cane blocks his egress and asks Kalvin where his big apology to his dad is. Kalvin tells House to stay out of it, but House points out that Kalvin was the one who stalked House, so now House gets to find out every sordid detail of Kalvin's life, starting with why Kalvin would apologize to his dad when his dad was the person who kicked him out of his house. Dad denies this, as well as House's further allegations that he's a child-abusing drunk, which would account for the cirrhosis. But it doesn't explain what Kalvin would have to apologize to his dad for. "Leave it alone," Kalvin says. House calls Kalvin's dad a bigot, assuming that Dad's problems with Kalvin are related to him being gay. Surprise! Dad has no problem with the gay thing, but a big problem with what Kalvin did to his wife, Kalvin's mother. "He steal her signature look?" House asks, proving that there is at least one bigot in the room. No, Dad says, Kalvin KILLED her. He coughed blood in her face and gave her AIDS. Just kidding, Cameron! Put the meth down!

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