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Sara M: C+ | 1 USERS: C-
Hunting For Ratings

A guitar plays the beginning to our episode-ending music montage. Kalvin sits at his father's bedside and apologizes. Cameron watches them. Dude, Cameron, MYOB.

Stacy and Mark cuddle on a couch. Mark wonders why Stacy smells like cigarettes and rat piss, and makes a mental note to buy a washing machine along with the dishwasher.

Chase washes his face and notices something on his lip. It looks like a Cameron-shaped bite mark. Rowrr, Cameron! Have fun hoping you don't have AIDS, Chase! Try not to do some illegal drugs during your own personal struggle dealing with your mortality, which will take place off-camera.

Cameron takes her pills and crosses out the days on her calendar until her next AIDS test. Maybe when that's negative she'll start wearing makeup again.

House hangs out at home, all alone except for his new pet rat.

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