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I Think I'm Dumb. Maybe Just Happy.

And here's another scene with House and Cuddy. He catches her on her way out of PPTH to give her a peace offering: tickets to the generic "Holiday Carnival" for Cuddy and her daughter. And they don't even have to go with House. Cuddy turns them down, looking stricken.

House returns home and tells Wilson that Lucas and Cuddy didn't split up after all, which he knows because Cuddy wouldn't take the tickets out of what he believes to be guilt. Well, now House and Wilson can use the tickets to go to the Holiday Carnival themselves! It's win-win. Wilson asks what House is going to do to Cuddy and Lucas next. "Nothing," House says. He couldn't get them to break up after just one episode of trying, so he figures they'll stay together. "It is what it is," he says. Whatever.

Cuddy arrives home where Lucas is playing with Rachel on the floor in front of a warm cozy fire. It's perfect! Oh, except for the fact that the first words out of her mouth are "House knows I lied." But she also knows that he's going to leave them alone from now on, although she doesn't know why. "Maybe House isn't so bad after all," Lucas says. "That would be nice, wouldn't it?" Cuddy says. Rachel makes an awesome "SHUT UP ABOUT THIS OH MY GOD" face.

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