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Hadley and Taub have a bit of trouble keeping up with House as he quick-limps around the oncology wing in search of Wilson. They update him on the TTP diagnosis and say the usual treatment for the disease is not possible due to some allergy James has, so they have to take his spleen out instead. House says that sounds fine and ducks into the men's bathroom. Taub and Hadley exchange a look and follow him in. I think I like Hadley best when she's with Taub and nowhere near Foreman or House. And in small doses. Inside the bathroom, they find House not silent peeing, but checking the stalls for Wilson. He finds someone, but it's not Wilson. And he doesn't seem to appreciate House and his team walking in on his pooping session. Taub says that if House actually thinks it's TTP, then this case is way too simple for him and asks why he took it. "I'm fishing for a dinner invite," House replies, leaving the bathroom. At the sound of a flushing toilet, Taub and especially Hadley quickly follow.

House is sitting in the lobby when Wilson finally walks in. He says he's late because of a "dentist appointment." That lasted half the day? But House isn't really curious as to where Wilson was -- he just wants to know if Wilson knows Cuddy's sister's address so he can crash her Thanksgiving party as part of his new plan to break up Cuddy and Lucas. He thinks he's doing them a favor because if he can break them up then they wouldn't have worked out anyway and it's best that they find that out sooner rather than later. And if he doesn't split them up, then they must be meant to be together and their bond will be even stronger. He gives himself way too much credit for other people's relationships. Then again, he did kind of manage to destroy Chase and Cameron's marriage, so I guess he has momentum. The only part of House's plan that Wilson seems put out by is crashing Cuddy's sister's Thanksgiving dinner, and he refuses to find out her address for House's sake, even when House threatens to use "more nefarious methods" to obtain it if Wilson won't bite.

James' splenectomy is healing well, which is remarkable considering that he could only have had the operation less than an hour ago. Chase says James will be on medication for the rest of his life, but otherwise he won't miss the spleen and the TTP will be under control. Except that James starts talking nonsense about boxes delivering colors like green, orange, and ceiling. Chase takes a look into James' eyes as his monitors start beeping and the left half of James' mouth droops. Stroke!

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