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I Think I'm Dumb. Maybe Just Happy.

After the break, Chase says they got the clot out of James' brain and restored the blood flow without any permanent damage. So that's good. But this also means that it wasn't TTP and they took his spleen out for no reason. Which is bad. Even stupid Dara must realize that. In the middle of calling every Julia Cuddy in the phonebook to find the correct one, House asks for diagnoses of something that looks, acts, and tests like TTP but isn't. At one point, Hadley mutters to Taub that they should ask House what he's doing, to which Taub just shrugs there's probably a reasonable explanation. Again -- I like those two together. Maybe it's just that Taub makes everything better. Taub, Chase, and Foreman try to work while Hadley is more focused on House's phone calls, saying that he might not be able to find the correct Julia Cuddy in the phonebook because she got married and changed her name. Duh. Why didn't House think of that? Meanwhile, Foreman suggests a mnemonic device that somehow leads to Taub and Chase being assigned to searching James' home for toxins.

While Chase looks around, Taub passes judgment on the meager living quarters of the smartest man in the world. He has a bit of a point, though -- they don't even have a real fridge. Just a mini fridge full of processed food. While Chase finds nothing remarkable in the bathroom aside from the usual over the counter cold and cough medicines, Taub invites him over for Thanksgiving. That is so nice of Taub, but Chase, of course, gets all bent out of shape at him for it, pointing out that Taub never invited him over before his wife left him. Yeah, how dare Taub be compassionate! What a dick! Shut up, Chase. Chase says he doesn't need any more friends. Mean. Taub finds some mouse droppings and collects them while asking Chase if he has "someone to talk to." Chase says he's fine and won't kill himself like Kumar did. "Kumar never used to come over for dinner," Taub says. Aw, he feels bad for not being a better friend to his dead co-worker. But Chase is not the person to make it up to. "I'm gonna pretend there's something interesting over here so you'll shut up," Chase says. He searches the closet and finds journals filled with genius-y type things like sketches of atomic structures and math proofs. But the journals -- and, it would seem, James' passion for keeping them -- stopped in 1996. "Marriage destroyed his soul?" Chase guesses. Oh, but he's just fine and how dare you try to suggest otherwise, Taub. And then Chase spots a loose grate and removes it to investigate. He finds a half-empty handle of vodka in the vent.

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