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Life Is Not A Cabaret

House reports to the lab where the Cottages, including Cameron, are busy testing and discounting all their differential diagnoses: "Congo red!" Congo Red is a solution that, when added to cells, stains something or other and proves amyloidosis. Foreman doesn't think this test is necessary, as they already proved that Ezra's heart was never affected, which is a hallmark symptom of amyloidosis. House says it was; they just never realized it because they didn't push him hard enough during the stress tests, which it seems are pretty much useless.

Chase comes up with the Congo Red stain and prepares a slide in record speed. Guess what? It's positive for amyloidosis. Chase was right after all! The Cottages are amazed. Foreman asks House where he pulled that out of. House does not respond that he pulled it out of a teenager's ass, but he might as well have. Anyway, amyloidosis is treatable, so it looks like Ezra's going to be fine and life will be awesome and long for him after all --"Oh God," Chase says. Ezra has protein type AA. This must be bad, as everyone makes sad faces. House hands Cameron the candy bar he got at that gift shop and goes off to shoot the horse.

House comes to Ezra's room and tells him the diagnosis. Ezra doesn't believe House until he says it's a terminal case. "Congratulations!" Ezra says, smiling, "you got your answer." Yay, you get to die now! Sweet!

Music montage! Ezra gasps for breath. House pops pills. Cameron spends more time in the Shower Stall of Her Discontent. The music continues into the next morning. House comes to work to find a present on his desk: a brand new calendar. A date has been circled and "six months...and counting" is written over it in what is supposed to be teenage girl handwriting. Wow, that girl comes on strong. You'd think she would've sent a more interesting calendar than "Fresno by night" though. Like maybe some Robert Mapplethorp photos or Georgia O'Keefe paintings. Cuddy comes to his office to tell him that Ezra died last night, although she's sure House knew about that already. He didn't. Cuddy angrily notes that at 2 in the morning, Ezra was stable. At 2:30, he suddenly died. House asks Cuddy if she really wants to know if he was involved with this or not. She doesn't.

An anonymous nurse cleans Ezra up and put a blanket over him, erasing any doubt that someone put him into a coma again. He's dead. And just who is responsible?

Angel of Death Cameron cries her eyes out in the chapel. A hand squeezes her on the shoulder. It's House. "I'm proud of you," he says, as much as it pains him to actually have to admit it. Well, it's good that he's proud of her. I'm not -- if Ezra wanted to die so badly, he should have sucked it up and done it himself. He certainly seemed healthy enough to. Instead, Cameron gets to feel like shit for killing him. Way to make finally make a decision, though, Cameron. That's one of the few decisions that you can't take back, so it's totally reasonable and normal that she'd be able to make it after twenty-hours of no sleep and hearing a few people's opinions. What an upper of an episode that was.

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