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House is none-too-thrilled with Cameron's executive decision. He orders her to drain the fluid from Ezra's lungs and try the test again.

While Chase removes the fluid in Ezra's lungs, Cameron tells Ezra what they're trying to do. He already knows, since he's a doctor himself and has been in and out of hospitals for the past year with this mystery illness and gone through all these tests already.

Over at the Clinic, House checks out a patient while he and his teenage daughter fight over a pricy handbag she purchased for the upcoming fall formal. House adds to their discussion with some witty quips that the teenage daughter finds most entertaining. She stares at him adoringly while House diagnoses her father with a cold. He writes the father a prescription (for what, I have no idea. Colds are viruses and therefore don't get antibiotics, right?) and then drops a few papers. New Jersey Lolita rushes over to pick them up and tell House to call her if he can think of "anything else." They commence staring at each other until Cameron runs up to interrupt House's good time and announce that their patient is "too old and weak." She makes sure to throw a few questioning/jealous glances New Jersey Lolita's way.

Now they've got Ezra working on some arm paddling machine instead of the treadmill. He struggles with this as well, and Cameron announces to everyone that it isn't working. Right in front of the patient, too. Very professional. House walks in and greets Ezra with a shot of epi that artificially increases his heart rate. They find nothing wrong with the heart and figure the problem must be in Ezra's lungs. Cameron rushes over with a shot of something that will make Ezra all better, but he begs her not to. "Just let me die," he asks. Cameron assures him that they will find out what's wrong with him and cure him. Not good enough for Ezra, who says that he doesn't want to live "like this" and again begs Cameron to kill him.

What's the differential diagnosis for a guy who wants his doctors to kill him? Depends on who you ask: Cameron seems to support it, saying that Ezra made his decision after a lot of thought; House says that Ezra's just depressed and will get over it and want to live again once he's cured by his incredibly confident doctor; Chase thinks it's Ezra's call, not theirs. I'd agree with that except for the fact that Ezra is asking them to get involved. Chase thinks that they should give Ezra a syringe full of morphine, as that's what every doctor he's ever worked with has done. And Chase is nothing if not a joiner, so he supports this. As for Foreman, he (wisely, I think) refuses to have any part of this. Cameron agrees with him, saying that even though she respects Ezra's decision to die, she doesn't actually want to be the one to make it happen. Chase and Foreman continue to argue their sides while Cameron manages to argue both for and against them. As for House, he's just trying to cure the patient and doesn't really care if Ezra wants to live or die. Everyone's pagers go off.

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