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Life Is Not A Cabaret

"Thank you," Ezra whispers as House hovers over him with the needle of death. Bad move, Ezra -- House doesn't know how to deal with people's gratitude. "I always wondered exactly what was on the other side." "Nothing," House responds. Well, except for some farmers and volleyball players. With that, House, injects Ezra's IV line with the needle. Ezra dies. The monitors beep. And then House checks his watch and springs into action, much to Chase's confusion. He grabs some medical equipment and tells Chase to give him a hand. He lied to Ezra, figuring that it wasn't as bad as killing him. Ezra's simply in a coma so he can't whine while House continues to test him.

Meanwhile, Foreman and Cameron are in the cafeteria sharing a slice of pie and loudly informing all patrons of their presence and the exact time they could be seen there, just in case anyone asks.

With Ezra unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator, House tells the Cottages that they can assume that Ezra would consent to the same procedures that any normal person would. Cameron is incensed that House would put a guy in a coma against his will just to "satisfy [his] curiosity." House rightly points out that when he tries to kill Ezra, Cameron gets pissed. When he keeps him alive, she gets pissed. He can't win! House orders the kids off to do all the tests over, taking their time and being careful, then calls them back after seeing something on Ezra's brain scan. In a hilarious touch, the Cottages are still standing in the exact same spots they were in before, none of them having even started to run off and do any work. House points out some scarring on Ezra's lungs, which he can see on the MRI since Cameron decided to go pretty far down on it. Cameron says nothing, but glares. Which is kind of funny, actually. Childish, but funny. "You do know that you can't pierce me with your stares?" House asks. Chase says that lung scarring plus the bad bone marrow could mean an autoimmune disease. House orders them off to test for that. Foreman and Chase turn to go, but Cameron refuses to have any part of it. "Drama queen," House scoffs after her. Hey, it's easy to be a drama queen when almost every single episode of this show has a meaty part of you to play while the rest of the cast languishes on the back burner.

Chase and Foreman discuss the state of Ezra's colon and Cameron's refusal to help out. Chase says that she's just standing up for her beliefs, something that he's never actually been able to do, but Foreman thinks she's running away from the issue instead of facing it one way or the other. Chase points out that Foreman ran away, too, when House was going to kill Ezra. Foreman knows when he's beaten and doesn't respond, instead pointing out that Evil Nurse Brenda has been giving them the Evil Eye for some time now and will probably be going to tell on them to Cuddy if they don't get out of there soon. Suddenly, Ezra crashes.

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