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Life Is Not A Cabaret

"Don't go towards the light!" House shouts at Ezra as he wakes up. Chase removes the breathing tube and Ezra is all "what the hell?" But House won't give him much time to complain as he tells him that they need to test Ezra's nerves now that he's up and at 'em. Ezra calls House a "huge failure" for still not having a diagnosis and refuses any treatment or tests. House says that he won't kill Ezra and he's assigned a nurse to make sure Ezra doesn't kill himself, so he might as well play along. Because I have a feeling that nurse will be Evil Nurse Brenda, and you do not want to be the subject of her suicide watch. Ezra decides to discharge himself from PPTH, even with the tubes in his chest, and angrily removes various tubes and medical equipment with such vigor that one would wonder why he couldn't have just killed himself if he's so into it. I mean, obviously he can't do it now, but he never seemed too weak or in too much pain to be able to do it before. It makes it hard for me to agree that assisted suicide is the right idea for him when he seems perfectly capable of doing it himself. Anyway, House responds by quickly testing various parts of Joel's withered body for reflex responses. He tickles Ezra's legs and splashes ice water on his abdomen. The left leg twitches, the other one doesn't. And there's no feeling in the abdomen area.

House and his remaining Cottages walk down the hall and discuss these results and what they mean. The brain looks fine, but the peripheral nerves and bone marrow are damaged. Kawasaki's, lymphoma, and sarcoidosis are thrown around as options. House says they'll need a piece of Ezra's skin to test this. This might be a problem, because Ezra isn't willing to give them any

House asks Cameron to get the skin sample. She says that she wants a "foot massage from Johnny Damon," and that's about as likely as her helping him right now is. Cameron likes Johnny Damon? Really? I would have thought Lou Gehrig would have been more her baseball player type. House has had enough of this and yells at her while he slams his cane down on her desk. Whoa. He says she hasn't been able to make one decision about this case; whether they're helping Ezra or hurting him. I guess now she'll have to. "Do your damn job," he orders. Undaunted, Cameron says she won't lie to Ezra to do it. House doesn't care what she tells Ezra as long as she gets the skin sample.

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