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It's still blizzarding in New Jersey, and people are still trying to drive through it. At least this time the couple we're watching isn't having sex: it's a mother and daughter fighting over the fact that the daughter fell on some ice while hanging out with her friends, and now her mother wants her to get checked out at the ER. The girl just wants to go home, and resents her mother's overprotectiveness. Not as much as House will if they end up at the Clinic. Oh, and then they get hit by a truck.

Cut to the accident scene. The camera's at a weird angle, so I'm not sure what's going on there. It looks like the truck is sitting there and the car has been thrown into a tree. The girl is bloody but conscious, unlike her mother, who's bloody and unconscious. The girl tries to wake up her mother, and then grabs a cell phone and calls 911. The 911 operator asks the girl if she's hurt. The girl looks down and sees a huge piece of twisted metal sticking out of her leg. "I'm fine," she responds. Either that metal piece was there before, or the girl can't feel her legs. Or maybe she's a compulsive liar. She hangs up on the 911 operator, which you aren't supposed to do. I'll cut her some slack, though, considering the situation.

House strolls through the ER looking for Foreman. He asks Nurse Wendy about Foreman's whereabouts, but she doesn't know either. Then she unwisely tries to continue the conversation by asking House if he knows when Foreman will be off work, since she has a surprise Valentine's Day getaway planned for them. "Getaway," House repeats. Nurse Wendy nods. He has to repeat it a few more times before she realizes that House is actually telling her to get away from him.

Foreman's treating Hannah, the girl from the Pre-Credits. She asks about her mother, and Foreman just says that she's in surgery. Good; I really didn't want the episode to start off with a dead mother. I wonder how the truck driver's doing? We'll never know. House walks in and immediately blows Nurse Wendy's surprise before asking Foreman why he's in the ER. Foreman says that there's a snowstorm going on, so they're all supposed to be in the ER. Then he tends to Hannah's injured leg, telling her that the cleaning swab is going to sting. She mutters an unconvincing "ow," and then House informs her that she has CIPA, a.k.a. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. "No, I don't," says Hannah. But House says that they'll need to do a series of tests to make sure Hannah doesn't have any internal injuries, including a spinal nerve biopsy. Foreman points out that CIPA is a very rare condition, so it's unlikely that Hannah has it, especially since she just said she doesn't. House points out that Hannah must know what CIPA is to deny having it, which is pretty strong evidence that she does have it. Also, she isn't shivering from being out in the snow, which indicates that she has the anhidrosis part of CIPA -- her body can't respond to heat by sweating or cold by shivering. Apparently, this also means that Hannah can't secrete tears. House points out that she was faking feeling pain, as she flinched toward Foreman instead of away from him. "It's hard to fake pain when you've never felt it," says House, so jealous. Also, Hannah's last name, Morgenthal, is Jew-y, and a certain ethnicity of Jews are more likely to have CIPA. That's the same ethnicity of Jews with blonde hair, I guess. Foreman repeats that Hannah said she doesn't have CIPA. "They killed our Lord! You gonna trust 'em?" asks House. He has a point; after all, Wilson is Jewish, and he lies. Foreman dismisses House's very astute deduction as "lame," so House thwacks Hannah with his cane. When she doesn't react, the jig is up. Poor Hannah will have to wait until after the battery of tests to see her mother.

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