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Wilson stops by House's office. It turns out that he wasn't the person who canceled the plane ticket and hacked into Hadley's email account after all -- it was House. Oh, gross. I was really hoping that House was sincere in all of his assertions that he didn't want her to come back. Wilson asks if House wants Hadley to stay for himself or for Foreman. House reminds him that he doesn't care about other people's happiness, so he would not do something like that for Foreman. Wilson likes to believe that House really does care about people underneath it all, but House says that he just made $10,000 off of stock in Roy's company based on insider information that it would crash. Um, that's illegal. Is this our Season 6 story arc? House is investigated for white-collar crime? Eh, it'll probably be something about Hadley being really awesome and everyone loving her so much. Wilson wants House to admit that he wants Hadley back on the team and that she's "good" for him. House says he will not, because he was "born with a heart three sizes too small." Which makes him The Grinch. And that makes Jack Cindy Lou Who, because House just thought of a way to save his Christmas. And his life. He takes off in mid-word. Wilson is used to this.

They somehow brought Jack back after he flatlined, which House says is good because he doesn't have to die after all. It isn't Degos, but Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which causes the same obstructive blood vessels that they saw on the biopsy that caused them to diagnose Jack with Degos. Um, then why did they diagnose him with Degos at all if the biopsy wasn't totally conclusive? They are terrible! House realized that Jack's heart stopped because of a large blood vessel problem, which rules out Degos (it only obstructs small blood vessels) and gives him the new diagnosis. He tells Foreman to give Jack some blood-thinners and immunoglobulin and if he gets better, then they'll know it was Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome for sure. But instead of getting right on that to save the kid's life, he holds Foreman back for a minute to tell him that Hadley accused everyone of screwing her over with the plane ticket except Foreman. "She's not over you," House says. "Or she is," Foreman says. Either way I do not care.

Chase finds an envelope on the meeting room table. He opens it and likes what he sees. He runs to Foreman and congratulates him coming up with the answer to the M&M problem -- niacin-bound chromium supplements, which one of Dibala's previous doctors prescribed for him to raise his cholesterol levels. It will explain the cholesterol level discrepancy, but now they have a new problem: Foreman wasn't the one who left that envelope. Which means House knows what they did.

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