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The front page of the Generic Newspaper Times business section has an article about Roy and how he is now bankrupt. But his son is fine and alive, so he's pretty happy. "It worked!" he says. Way to take credit for House's brilliance, asshole. Also, have fun finding out what a dick you truly are now that you aren't so rich that people are afraid to tell you. Life is going to be different.

House returns to his office to find Chase waiting for him. "What now?" he asks. House says it's not up to him because he isn't the boss anymore and it's not like they're going to make a habit out of treating genocidal dictators. "Better a murder than a misdiagnosis," he says. Um, no, not really. "Whether you want to be in charge or not, you are. And you always will be," Chase says.

And Cameron wakes up to find Chase missing from the bed again. He's at the M&M.

OH MY GOD MORE HADLEY?!?!? She's boarding the plane. I don't care. Go away already! But no, we have to see her walking down the aisle and sitting on the plane (it appears that she got her business class seats after all).

Roy's mansion is now owned by the bank. Wow, that was fast. Have fun trying to sell that place, bank! Meanwhile, he eats pizza at Jack's bedside. I guess it's free pizza? Otherwise he really shouldn't be able to afford it. Also they should be tossing Jack out of PPTH on his sick ass right about now.

And House hangs out in his office and studies the giant tennis ball, which is apparently a symbol of power on this show. Oh, who am I kidding? He's probably thinking about how awesome Hadley is.

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