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Instant Coma

Well, half of it. He goes to Cuddy and says quite truthfully that he's too busy for this stupid M&M and doesn't want to do it. Then he whines that House is "trying to push all of his responsibilities onto me," which doesn't win him any points with Cuddy, who rightly points out that these are Foreman's responsibilities and he should happily take them on since he's the one who begged her to become the head of diagnostics. He maintains that this M&M is stupid. Cuddy asks him what his problem really is, because she's not buying his story. "I just don't want to do the M&M," he says. Cut to him leaving Cuddy's office and telling Chase that his attempt to get out of it didn't work. Now he still has to do the M&M and Cuddy is suspicious.

Cuddy finds House sitting outside Jack's room while Cameron works on him. He says he's waiting for something to go wrong because that seems to happen every time they touch the kid. But dying children aren't important to Cuddy right now because she has something much more important to talk about: Hadley. Apparently Hadley called Cuddy to complain about someone hacking into her email account and canceling her stupid plane reservation. And Cuddy didn't hang up on Hadley's tattletale face? If she's going to get all bent out of shape with Foreman for trying to get out of an M&M then she should really be mad at Hadley for wasting her time with cybercrimes that have absolutely nothing to do with PPTH. Unless the email address that was hacked into was Hadley's PPTH address, which it shouldn't be since she was fired and there's no reason for her to use a work address for a personal vacation anyway. Cuddy thinks Foreman was the hacker, and House is just pleased that she suspects him and not House. She asks if House really wants Foreman to be in charge of diagnostics. House says yes -- Foreman can have the power he wants and House can have his puzzles. House says that when he had power and puzzles, he ended up in a mental hospital. So maybe removing the power from the equation will be just what he needs to be slightly less of an asshole. That hasn't seemed to be the case so far, though. House says Foreman didn't hack into Hadley's email and then gets a page from Cameron. He heads into Jack's room. And just what is he supposed to do in there when he doesn't have his medical license?

Roy meets House for the first time and Cameron tells him that the tests have come back negative for abdominal epilepsy and now there's a rash on Jack's chest. "That I did not expect," House says. Roy is understandably displeased to hear that from the best doctor in the world and says so. House blows him off even though he's the father of a mysteriously dying child who House and his team have only made worse. Good to see that loss of power is helping House interact with others.

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