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Instant Coma

Back in the meeting room, the team is back to square one. Cameron goes for the gold with her diagnosis of both lupus AND vasculitis. Oh, vasculitis, how I've missed you! But Cameron is wrong, of course, because a diagnosis of lupus and vasculitis is going to be the series finale. Chase suggests polyarteritis nodosa, which Foreman turns down. "Okay, you come up with something better," Chase snaps at him. Settle down, Chase. Foreman is your boss (I think) and he can't just accept your diagnosis that doesn't fit because there aren't any other ones. Oh wait -- I guess they will. And it'll mean yet another biopsy for poor Jack, this time from his testicle. Good thing he's in a coma. Foreman volunteers himself and Cameron to do it. Cameron whines that Chase should do it because this was his diagnosis. Foreman says Cameron has a better rapport with Roy, which will come in handy when they tell him that his kid needs more biopsies and from his balls, too. Cameron suspects that Foreman really wants to keep Chase behind to "overprep" for the M&M. Foreman immediately says that's what it is, and Cameron buys it. "Don't be a child," she says. Don't talk to your boss that way, Cameron. House, meanwhile, isn't paying attention to everyone's attitude problem because he just came up with a diagnosis that fits much better than Chase's. Unfortunately, it's Degos disease, which is fatal. House offers to break the news to Roy. That seems like a terrible idea, but no one bothers to stop him because they're too busy worrying about saving their own asses (Foreman, Chase) or making sad faces (Cameron).

House enters the room and tells Roy that they have their diagnosis. The tell-tale sign was the chest rash that apparently spread down to Jack's penis, which is usually the first symptom of Degos but this time decided to hold off for a while. House lets Roy ask him what the treatment for this is before informing him that there isn't one. "You're wrong," Roy says. Which is perfectly reasonable, since they were wrong with the other five diagnoses. But this time, House says, they "re-checked" the biopsies and found it was definitely Degos somehow. Jack will never wake up from his coma and he'll be dead within a day. House says he's sorry, and then he just leaves. I guess he only stays with people and their dying relatives in season premieres.

While House watches from the office (which he is apparently sharing with Foreman), Chase sits in the meeting room and runs his hands through his hair before shaking his head and leaving the room. He enters Cuddy's office and says they need to talk about Dibala. Really? He'd rather go to jail for murder for sure than just go to the M&M and hope no one notices the cholesterol? That's dumb. He starts to tell Cuddy the truth, but they're both interrupted by a nurse before he can. She says Cuddy is needed in Jack's room right away. There are lawyers present. Cuddy hops to it, telling Chase to just "come clean" if he and Foreman are trying to tell her they made a mistake on Dibala. "It's not gonna be that bad," she says. Um, Dibala died. So if Foreman and Chase made a mistake that caused his death, then yeah -- it would be that bad. And the look on Chase's face makes it pretty obvious that something really serious is going on. But Cuddy blows all of this off because she sucks at her job. I mean, I love her and all, but she is terrible at this.

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