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It's A Lot of Stuff We've Seen Before

With that, Jane enters the room, having been informed of her mother's impending death by a very honest, if HIPAA-violating, Agnes. Maggie, her eyes still glowing red, reassures Jane that she's going to be okay and that doctors can be wrong. "Do you really believe that?" Jane asks. "I do," says Maggie. I'm not sure if she's lying or not this time; I think if I were just told I was about to die I'd be a little bit in denial. Jane, however, is not. "No, Mom," she says, "you're dying. Nobody can help you. It's not going to be okay." Maggie sobs. House makes his escape from this outpouring of human emotion. On their way out of the room, Agnes remarks in amazement that Jane just told the truth in a really cold and devastating way.

House walks through an interminable PPTH holiday party. No one invites him to join it and he doesn't looking interested in staying. But then Wilson, wearing an antler hat on his head and probably a few egg nogs in his stomach, runs up and asks House what loot he scored from his Cottages. House says that he got a vintage LP (from Agnes), a watch (from Kumar), a second-edition Conan Doyle (from Taub, desperately trying to show House that Jews are not cheap by shelling out huge dollars), and a dying patient in a pear tree. Wilson says that Christmas deaths are the worst. No one wants to go in the patient's room and be bummed out on the holiday -- not even the candystripers. Damn, those are some pretty dedicated candystripers to volunteer on Christmas! House says that he did get to see something amazing: "Pure truth." Not from Maggie, of course, but from Jane, who stripped her mother of all hope in the name of honesty. And probably also to get her back from being so honest about her sex life. Wilson says that the angels of Christmas have finally given House a gift he can appreciate, and House snaps at him not to "pin this on Christ -- he's got enough nails him." Well, it has been almost two thousand years. I should think he'd have gotten them out by now. Only then does House notice Wilson's awesome hat. He demands that Wilson take it off, but Wilson will not! Not only that, but he somehow makes one of the antlers wave at House. House points out that Wilson is too Jewish to be celebrating Christmas anyway, even though he's never had a problem with Wilson celebrating it in the past. He does this time, though, because it leads to his figuring out what's wrong with Maggie. "Things have their place," House says. Antler hats don't belong on Jews and dreidels don't belong on Christmas trees. Wilson shrugs that things don't care if they're in the right place or not. House gets his Brilliant Idea and takes off.

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