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Pregnant Pause

So while Jerry and Sam experience happiness for the first time, with Sam braving the post-surgery scars and jumping around her dad's bed, Cuddy visits the baby she'll never actually ever have in the maternity ward. So sad. And then the sun goes down and Cuddy is slumped against the wall of the nursery, which is all ready for something that will never come. OUCH. There's a knock at the door.

Cuddy opens it to find House there. She says she doesn't need to hear his gloating right now, but she doesn't close the door in his face either. And he doesn't gloat. "There's more than one baby in the sea," he says. Cuddy says it doesn't matter. She's done with the adoption thing. "I can't go through that again," she says. House accuses her of being a quitter. "That's too bad. You would've made a great mother," he says. Because he can say that now that there's no danger of that happening. Cuddy doesn't take kindly to his attempted words of comfort. "You son of a bitch," she hisses. She points out that when she thought she was going to get a baby, all House could do was tell her what a terrible mother she would be. Now that she doesn't have one, he's saying the opposite. "Why do you need to negate EVERYTHING?" she demands. And thank you, Deran, for not panning around her face and showing us just her forehead when she says this. Thank you letting us see her entire expressive face. And then House's, when he quietly answers "I don't know." And then he steps forward and they totally make out. What! Yes, they did. It was not the hottest kiss I've ever seen. It was weird and desperate and longing and avoiding at the same time. And when they break apart, House is clearly thrown. He doesn't know what's going on or why that happened. House doesn't like change, nor does he ever do anything impulsively. Even the crazy things he does that seem impulsive always have a well-thought-out reason behind them. I don't think that's the case here. "Good night," he says, and takes off, leaving Cuddy in the foyer with no idea what just happened or how to feel. That's kind of how I feel, too. That is, when I'm not thinking that it's about time.

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