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Pregnant Pause

While the Cottages attempt to diagnose their new patient, House is busy writing a chart on the Whiteboard O'Symptoms, now the Whiteboard of Cuddy Betting Pools. House tells the Cottages about Cuddy's upcoming bundle of joy and takes bets on when in the next two weeks Cuddy will change her mind about adopting. As House explains it, Cuddy changing her mind is inevitable, since when he told her she would, she immediately said she wouldn't, which means that she must have considered changing her mind at some point and therefore isn't ready to be a mother and will change her mind in the end. There were way too many steps there. It must be hard to be House and have your mind always analyzing every single thing to make these leaps of logic. Foreman doesn't want to bet, saying he knows Cuddy's wanted a kid for three years (how does he know that, exactly? I didn't think she made that public knowledge), so she'll hold onto the one she finally has. The rest of the Cottages are at a loss for words, so Taub just goes back to the patient. And then -- oh, no. Deran Sarafian directed this episode. My arch-nemesis! But he has reined things in in his last couple episodes, so maybe he's turned over a new leaf where we don't stick a camera in someone's nostril or shoot one quadrant of a forehead. I'm choosing to be optimistic.

House draws a baby head on the Whiteboard, and Kumar thinks it's so great that he decides to place a bet, going for the 7-14 day category. Hadley is annoyed with Kumar for betting against Cuddy, but Kumar says he's only betting she'll make a decision that will be the right one for her. Plus, he's sucking up to his boss. He asks House not to put his real name down, so House writes "Skutner." As for House, he's betting it will be less than 7 days, and writes down "Jones" for his bet. Hee hee. Hadley shows surprising restraint and does not bet, thereby not adding gambling to her lengthy list of vices. With that, House sends Taub and Hadley to the patient's house to look for toxins.

Back at the house, the colors are again really washed out, which makes the girl's room all the creepier when Taub checks it out. There's one doll on the bed, but it, like the rest of the room, lacks any kind of personality. "This is no way to raise a kid," Taub says. "He's a single dad. I'm sure he's doing his best," Hadley says. "Which is why single people shouldn't have kids," Taub says. Yes, because all single parents hate color and giving their kids toys. Hadley gets all pissy on Cuddy's behalf, but Taub interrupts her to give her his unsolicited take on the traditional American family. He thinks all mothers are single mothers, since the fathers rarely spend any time with their kids anyway. Well, I'm glad Taub isn't a father. And I don't know how or why he can really make that generalization. "My dad was great," Hadley says; "after my mom died -- " Taub interrupts her to say there are exceptions to every rule. Ha! He doesn't even want to hear her DeadMother story. I forgive him. And then he insults her father's parenting abilities by pointing out that she's pretty screwed up for someone with such a great upbringing. Hadley doesn't know what to say about that, but she seems like she might agree with him as she either chews gum or suffers from the first symptoms of Huntington's (please let it be the latter!).

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