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Pregnant Pause

Cuddy enters a coffee shop and looks for a pregnant girl. She finds her sitting at the counter, and tells Becca to call her "Lisa." I always forget that these people have first names. Becca has a plate full of black and white cookies, and says she craves them and eats twelve a day. "Don't you feed my baby junk food!" Cuddy says, throwing the cookies across the room. Okay, she didn't do that. But I bet she thought about it. Becca does point out that the coffee she's drinking is decaf. Because caffeine would be so harmful after exposing the baby to meth. The meeting is a bit awkward, but Becca only has one question for Cuddy: what is she going to name the baby? "I like Joy," Cuddy says. Enh. I'm a fan of Palmolive myself. Oh, she meant as a name. I don't like that name. I don't think people should use nouns as names. It gives you a preconceived notion about the person. Like, I would expect someone named Joy to either be really happy all the time or ironically emo. Becca asks if Cuddy has any questions for her. Cuddy wants to know why, out of all the beautiful wonderful couples on the adoption website, she chose a single mother. Oh, be careful, Cuddy! For all you know, Becca isn't computer-savvy and you were the first person who popped up on the site and she didn't know how to search for anyone else. But no, Becca says she chose a single mother intentionally; she comes from a long line of women who got involved with abusive loser men, and did the same thing herself. Cuddy, however, is a strong independent woman who won't expose her child to losers, and therefore the cycle will be broken. Cuddy makes a mental note to make sure that Becca never, ever meets House lest she withdraw her baby offer upon seeing that Cuddy does, in fact, associate with a abusive loser men. Then she notices a rash on Becca's arm. Cuddy's concerned, and asks Becca if she has joint pain. Becca says she does, but that's one of the joys of pregnancy. Is it really? Thanks a fucking lot, Mother Nature. Cuddy wants to get Becca checked out. If you want to keep that baby safe, Cuddy, you'd best head to St. Sebastian's.

Jerry's back home, working on his Macbook Air with a bunch of sensors on his head to monitor his brainwaves. Hadley and Taub are observing on computers in Sam's bedroom, and Hadley gets so bored that she decides to engage Taub in annoying conversation, asking him if he's sure about not wanting children. Taub tells Hadley that just because they're stuck in a room together does not mean they have to talk to each other. Ha! He hates her. Hadley tries to fire back with: "you're afraid you'll make the same mistake you did with your wife? Get caught taking some other kid to a ball game?" That doesn't even make sense, Hadley. Fortunately, we're spared from any more of it when Jerry's brain goes to sleep. His body doesn't even relax, he just immediately stands up, and Taub notices all kinds of sleep brainwaves while Jerry is sleepwalking, then sleep-removing the sensors, and then sleep-putting-on-his-jacket. Hadley and Taub follow him out the door.

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