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House and Cuddy report to Wilson's office. He agrees that the blood test result can only be explained by leukemia and they should start Natalie on chemo. House wants to do a bone marrow biopsy to confirm the diagnosis first, which pisses Cuddy off since House almost always treats before confirmation. Now that time is off the essence, he's stalling. "Why are you so attached to this girl?" House asks. Then he realizes that he's exposed too much of himself by taking a personal interest in Cuddy's personal interest and leaves the call up to Cuddy and takes off. Cuddy doesn't understand why House doesn't want to treat Natalie. Wilson has to explain that even if they kill the cancer, Natalie's heart and liver are too far gone. Cuddy says they can be replaced, but Wilson points out that there's brain involvement, too, so the committee won't waste its precious organs on a risk like that. He says there's no point in putting a dying girl through a painful treatment that won't save her. "He's being kind," Wilson says. Ah, Opposite Day.

Foreman visits Janice in her waiting room. He tells her that there's another trial going on for the same Huntington's drug, but at a lower dose. That means reduced nausea. He's willing to switch her to that trial if she wants. He leaves the forms on the table out of Janice's reach, which is kind of mean since it's not like Janice can really fill them out or even pick them up.

Cuddy barges into House's office. She won't accept defeat or leukemia. She comes up with some more diagnoses as she hands House his mail. He starts to ask her why she cares so much about this patient again, but is distracted by a Christmas present in his mail. A big smile on his face, he heads for Wilson's office. Cuddy tags along, and he explains that he got a thank you present from a patient after he saved her marriage by lying to her husband that she managed to get pregnant without having sex. Yeah, I had a feeling that's what happened. No way did an unprecedented medical miracle occur and medical journals weren't informed. By the way, I looked parthenogenesis up on Wikipedia, and it says that the resulting baby would have to be female. So Whitney better cross her fingers that she has a girl. And that whoever she cheated on Jeff with is actually intelligent so that poor baby has a chance to get some brains! House opens Wilson's office door, tosses the package at him with an "I win!" and closes the door again. "You faked a scientific miracle just to win a bet with Wilson?" Cuddy says, summing things up nicely. That'll go into my recaplet, thankyouverymuch.

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